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<nettime-ann> Philip Glass & Social Tech Summit - Futuresonic 2009
Futuresonic 2009 on Tue, 28 Apr 2009 07:45:30 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> Philip Glass & Social Tech Summit - Futuresonic 2009


Futuresonic 2009
Manchester UK
13-16 May


The world leading Social Technologies Summit and Philip Glass in a special, intimate performance are among the highlights at Futuresonic 2009.


Philip Glass
at Futuresonic 2009


16 May, RNCM, Manchester

Etudes and Other Work for Solo Piano

Simultaneously stirring and meditative, an evening of Philip Glass' solo piano is a rare opportunity to experience this influential composer's work first-hand. A special event in an intimate venue, this concert features his most recent Etudes for piano as well as classics in Glass' repertoire, and provides a glimpse into the intricacies of the composer's work in its most elemental form. Speaking from the piano bench, Glass personally introduces the programme. An intimate and unique look at a visionary at work, this evening provides a fond re-acquaintance for Glass fans and a perfect introduction for a new audience.


Social Technologies Summit:
The Futuresonic Conference


13-16 May, Contact, Manchester

Full Programme Now Announced

Keynote speakers include Stowe Boyd who coined the term "social tools" in 1999, and, according to Technobabble, is one of the top ten analysts currently blogging; Tom Ilube, Davos Technology Pioneer and CEO of Garlik; Rachel O'Connell, Vice President at Bebo; Jamais Cascio, co-founder of Worldchanging.org; Helen Aspell, Head of Digital at Equality and Human Rights Commission UK; and Adam Greenfield, expert on next-generation mobile and human-friendly interfaces.

Delegate Registration

Sessions include...

4iP Lowdown (UK)
Aaron Koblin (US)
Abigail Shoneboom (US)
Adam Greenfield (US) - Keynote
Alfie Dennon (UK)
Carlo Buontempo (IT)
Christian Licoppe (FR)
Christian Nold (UK)
Dave Griffiths (UK)
David Gunn (UK)
Drew Hemment (UK)
Ensembli (UK)
Ewan McIntosh (UK)
Helen Aspell (UK)
Jamais Cascio (US) - Keynote
James Marriott (UK)
Jonah Brucker Cohen (US) and Mike Bennett (IE)
Jonah Brucker Cohen (US)
Katie Lips (UK)
Lanfranco Aceti (IT)
Lee Bryant (UK)
Mario Cacciottolo (UK)
Miguel Andrés Clavero (ES)
Rachel O'Connell (IE) - Keynote
Roland Harwood (UK)
Selene Kolman (NL)
Stefan Agamanolis (US)
Stowe Boyd (US) - Keynote
Tapio Mäkelä (FI)
The Digital Economy Event
Tom Ilube (UK) - Keynote
Transition City Manchester
Tristan Thielmann (DE)
Usman Haque (UK)
Yuri Suzuki (JP)


The Festival


Futuresonic Urban Festival of Art, Music and Ideas features world premiers of astonishing artworks, an explosive city-wide music programme, and visionary thinkers from around the world.

Now in its 14th year, Futuresonic is the UK's leading festival for digital culture, and this year was nominated for the prestigious Lever Arts Prize. An urban festival experience, it is anticipated that over 50,000 festival visitors will engage with 300 artists and 100 events across 30 venues.

13-16 May, Manchester UK

In 2010 Futuresonic will return as FutureEverything


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