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<nettime-ann> .: "Weird Technology on the Big Screen" - Austin TX - May 11-22


Motion Graphics Festival 2009
New Motion + New Sound + New Code
Austin, Texas :: May 11-22

"Weird Technology on the Big Screen"

Austin is known for being home of the weird and the city of ideas, but how do we attract strange innovations? Well, Austin supports Indy Artists and Alternative Cultures throughout the year, but specifically, this month the Austin Motion Graphics Festival brings independent culture creators to the big screen. From filmmakers to musicians, MGFest unites artists across the divides of genre and medium to celebrate the weird, imaginative and other-worldly visions that use the technology of sequential images and the illusion of motion.

The studies of motion design, sound design and interactivity, are featured during the weeks of May 11th through 22nd. The apex of festival activity takes place during May 14 through 17 with entertainment events across the city, including: an art showcase with the Austin Museum Of Digital Art (AMODA), studio tours at top Austin design companies, screenings of local and international motion artists, a full-day educational conference, an open collaboration summit, and two weeks of industry workshops on creative software by Microsoft, Maxon, Adobe, Ableton and the local innovative Livid Instruments.

This year's Austin Motion Graphics Festival begins May 11th, 2009 featuring internationally recognized artists including: Shepard Fairey, Nine Inch Nails, David Byrne, Chuck D of Public Enemy, Kanye West, Addictive TV, Digital Kitchen, The Mill, Passion Pictures, Animal Logic, Post Panic, Dvein, David Lobser, Ken Adams, Yoshi Sodeoka, Larry Carlson, Jen Stark, Bob Sabiston, Sandy Stone, Paul Baker, Gift Culture, Artificial Life Preserver and more.

This festival in the fast moving field of design technology has opened it's Art & Entertainment events for only $7. Rather than charging the typical $500-$1500 conference fee, the Motion Graphics Festival encourages participants to stop complaining about the economy, and spend their money on something that will upgrade their tools, technique and aesthetics. Software, DVDs and music will be available at a discount rate throughout the festival week.

Austin MGFest presented by Microsoft _expression_ Studio 2.

Additional MGFest Sponsors include: Maxon, Austin Museum of Digital Art, IdN, Livid Instruments, Lumenbrite Training, Lumen Eclipse, SXSW Interactive, Stash DVD Magazine, Create Digital Motion, All City Technology, Future Media Concepts, DigiEffects, VidVox, Sterling Ledet, Boris FX, Resolume, Toolfarm, UnScene, GarageCUBE, Lift Motion Design, RE:Vision Effects, Ableton, Wondertouch & Clif Bar.

Silent Auction for over $30,000 in software, DVDs and training materials.

.: MGFest Schedule + Registration :: http://www.MGFest.com
// Motion Graphics Festival

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