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<nettime-ann> Call for projects: INTERACTIVOS? 09 ARTELEKU.
kepalanda on Fri, 22 May 2009 18:42:24 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> Call for projects: INTERACTIVOS? 09 ARTELEKU.

Mixed episodes in Hybrid Bases.
Call for projects: Workshop on collaborative development of projects

What is Interactivos?
They are a hybrid between production workshop, seminar and exhibition. In them a space of reflection, research and collaborative work is created in which the selected proposals are developed and later shown by means of an international call for projects in an process that is open to the public from beginning to end.
This workshop follows the model of "Interactivos?" events that have been developed from Medilalab-Prado www.medialab-prado.es (Area of the Arts of the Town Council of Madrid) and which have had various editions in collaboration with Eyebeam (Nueva York), Multimedia Centre, National Centre of the Arts, (México DF) and Escuelab, (Lima).

Workshop Directors: 

David Cuartielles will participate at the beginning of the workshop helping in the setting up of projects.

Moises Mañas will participate in the planning and development of projects. 

David Sjunnesson will participate in the planning and development of projects.
Emanuel Mazza will collaborate in projects of computer-assisted vision.

Paul Sermon, will present his work and will carry out a revision of the projects. http://www.paulsermon.org/
Jussi Ängeslevä (ARTCOM) will present his work and will carry out a revision of the projects. http://www.artcom.de

This is an intensive workshop oriented towards conceptualization and practical development of interactive projects in hybrid spaces, considering hybrid spaces those which integrate digital systems of detection and information integrated in physical spaces. 
The projects will have to have a relationship with architectural spaces or interdisciplinary temporal experiences. This workshop is focused on the creation of interactive spaces by means of physical interfaces or sensors, proposing architectural space as a sensible, reactive, "intelligent" space. It will be possible to develop projects such as interactive installations that reflect on the confluence between flows of information and physical spaces, scenographies that allow dancers to conduct music or images, or architectural spaces that are reactive to its inhabitants, all of which have a common axis on which a hybridising between physical and virtual space takes place.

"Devices have, therefore, lines of visibility, enunciation, lines of forces, lines of subjectivisation, lines of rupture, of fissure, of fracture which criss-cross each other and mix up while some provoke others by means of variations or even mutations of disposition" (1)

(1) What is a device?. Delueze, G in Michel Foucalt, philosopher,  Ed.Gedisa.1999

Mixed/Hybrids - Episodes/Bases. Such transversal, permissive concepts allow us to prepare alliances and exchanges where the poetries of architectural spaces and of any situation. They provoke explorations and relations between what seems not to have a simulated purpose and those small minuscule narrative derivations between consumers and users. They provoke episodes, mixed chapters in hybrid bases stimulating a combination of devices and forces between what is intervened and the intervener, an interactive transit, a fugitive reading between what is contingent and its container.
Moises Mañas & David Cuartielles 

Dates: from 16th to 30th July
Project reception deadline: Until Wednesday, 10th June 2009
Application resolution: Monday 15th June 2009
Collaborators: They may request their participation as from 16th June

During the development of the workshop, different models and forms of re-appropriation of formats and contents, spaces and processes will be debated. Proposal transformation and hybridising techniques will also be studied. Finally we shall review the possibilities of spatial organisation on the presented proposals 
- Presentation of selected projects 
- Presentation of referents and concepts (both theoretical and technical: Arduino, sensors, programming, vision by computer, etc)
- Conceptual debates both in groups and in personalised form 
	-Creation space versus installation space
	-User versus spectator
	-Strategies of development, usability/accessibility
- Practical development of prototypes/projects
- Presentation / exhibition of developed prototypes
-Presentation of collaborators


Kepa Landa  ( Coordinador general )

Arteleku. Kristobaldegi 14 . 20014 Donostia - San Sebastián (Spain) 
T: +(34) 943 45 36 62     M: 618 619 163

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