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PRR is looking for any contributions in books, magazines, newspapers, catalogues, curatorial and research files, etc. Any donation is welcome and will help to grow the unique resource place in Bucharest.
Please send us any files, books etc. to PO Box 26-0390 Bucharest 013191 Romania.

Thank you in advance for your contributions!

What is PRR?

PAVILION RESOURCES ROOM, if we report it to the definition of the archive, it's a non-archive, with no historical and objective references.
Created by Razvan Ion and Eugen Radescu (founders of Bucharest Biennale, Pavilion - center for contemporary art & culture, and Pavilion - journal for politics & culture) PRR grows organically helped by the additions and by the research travels.

The concept of traveling PRR is not to move out the resources but to making PRR extractions doubling part of the PRR and moving for ever in the new spaces and that will help to be a start for a new PRR which grow based on local needs and context.

PRR is equally an inspirational zone as an action one, whitch contains a research and documentation archives of actions/activities and curatorial files whitch generated PAVILION magazine, BUCHAREST BIENNALE and the centre for art and contemporary culture PAVLION UNICREDIT.â
The content of the room (as a permanent project with in the centre space, and also as an itinerary project) it contains approximately 1000 instruments of research whitch come from different fields of theory.ââ


1. DOCUMENTARY section (documentation of the organization actions organized on a Macmini with images, films, websites, organized with an access interface ). Here you will also find research files organized on topics by the curators which worked with us.

2. INSPIRATIONAL section (books, magazines, catalogues, newspapers, films, video).
The magazine section has a range of carefully selected national and international titles for you to read (Grey Room, October, New Left Review, Mute, The Art Newspaper, Artforum, FlashArt, Frieze, Cabinet, A Prior Magazine, Frame Magazine, Man Vogue, Fantastic Man, A10, Le Monde Diplomatique, Butt, Oris, Multitudes, 22, etc.)
You will find a unique collection of art, sociology, anthropology, political science, philosophy, exhibitions and biennale catalogues, architecture theory, to read and study. The collection is continually growing and some of the latest additions are: -----

3. DROP BOX (box where anyone can drop postcards, books, objects etc.) This will be subject of selection.

The PAVILION RESOURCE ROOM offers a reference-only facility, thus all available materials must be studied on the premises and cannot be taken out on loan.

Access and use is free of charge. Visitors are asked to mention the source when presenting their research.

center for contemporary art & culture

Sos. Nicolae Titulescu 1 (Piata Victoriei)
Bucharest  011131 Romania
T: + 4 031 103 4131
E: pavilion {AT} pavilionmagazine.org

PAVILION UNICREDIT este un centru pentru arta si cultura contemporana, un spatiu independent work-in-progress, spatiu de productie si cercetare a vizualului, a discursivului si a performativului. Este un spatiu al gandirii critice  care promoveaza o întelegere implicata socio-politic a artei si a institutiilor culturale.

PAVILIONâUNICREDITâis a center for contemporary art & culture, a work-in-progress independent space, a space for the production and research in the fields of audiovisual, discursive and performative. It is a space of the critical thinking, and it promotes an artistic perspective implying the social and political involvement of the art and of the cultural institutions.

PAVILION, BUCHAREST BIENNALE and PAVILION UNICREDIT are projects devised and founded by Razvan Ion and Eugen Radescu

Supported by: Pilsner Urquell
Strategic partner: UniCredit Tiriac Bank

Media partners: Hotnews.ro, 22, Alternativ.ro, Feeder.ro, 24Fun
Production partner: UpDate Advertising
Printing partner: Herris Print
Audio-visual partner: Sony
Collaborating partner: Center for Visual Introspection

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