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<nettime-ann> Creative Places + Spaces: Keynote Speaker Preview Video & Bursary Application

Title: Newsletter


Keynote Speaker Preview Video 
Creativity is our most precious resource.It drives innovation, solves problems, transforms places and fuels the economy. Get a glimpse of what we have in store for you at Creative Places + Spaces: The Collaborative City and be sure to visit www.creativeplacesandspaces.ca for schedules, speaker bios and registration information.

Click on the image above to watch a speaker preview for
Creative Places + Spaces: The Collaborative City 

Speakers in Focus: Lyn Heward and David Buckland
Looking for the creative spark and zeal for innovation that, in today's business climate, can mean the difference between success and failure? Want insight into building a team of innovators from one the most creative companies in the world? Lyn Heward, Cirque do Soleil’s Creative Director and Executive Producer, has managed the creative fire behind much of the company's fabled history, guiding its designers, performers, and technicians into the breathtakingly original artistic and commercial juggernaut it is today.

Life on earth exists because we have a totally unique life-giving atmosphere, which currently we use as a dumping ground for all of our waste. When internationally renowned photographer, filmmaker and designer David Buckland realized that climate scientists couldn't get people to listen to them because they were talking in graphs and data, he started the Cape Farewell project. Find out how Buckland uses collaboration across widely divergent sectors to turn this green bug into a virus that reaches out and virally inspires others to action.
Read more about Keynote Speakers Lyn Heward and David Buckland...

Early Bird Registration Reminder: Due July 16
Creative Places + Spaces is pleased to offer delegates a variety of registration options. Delegates are welcome to register for the full conference, or mix-&-match their own conference experience. Registrations start at $595 for the Full Conference including the unConference and Collaborative Dinner and are fully transferable. Registrations for Day One Only start at $300 and tickets for the Collaborative Dinner may be purchased for $75. Please note that Early Bird Registration closes on July 16, 2009. 
Read more about Registration and Fees...

Call for Bursary Applications: Due July 16
Creative Places + Spaces Partners are offering a limited number of bursaries to assist individuals in attending Creative Places + Spaces: The Collaborative City this October. Individuals in the not-for-profit sector, students, artists and social entrepreneurs are eligible for application. Ideal candidates are change makers interested in how to build bridges across boundaries in order to solve problems, generate new ideas or foster transformation, as well as those interested in collaborations involving, but not limited to, capital development projects, urban design, local revitalization initiatives, policy-making and community development. The submission deadline is July 10, 2009..
Read more about the Bursary application process...

Donate Your Aeroplan Miles and Soar
It is easier than ever for you to contribute to the interactive and inspiring Creative Places + Spaces Conference. By simply donating your Aeroplan Miles you will help connect thinkers, policymakers and practitioners working to build vibrant, dynamic, sustainable and creative places by bringing them to Toronto. Our goal is to raise 220,000 Aeroplan Miles, which will enable us to cover the costs of all international speaker flights. You could also win fabulous prize packages. The person who donates the greatest number of points will receive a selection of books & videos by speakers featured at the conference (valued over $100). Want to help us reach our goal faster? Match the complete goal amount of 220,000 Aeroplan Miles and you will receive a full conference pass (valued at $795). Our Aeroplan Miles Donation Campaign runs until July 10, 2009...
Read more on how to Donate Your Aeroplan Miles...

Collaboration Showcase Call for Proposals: Due June 30
Creative Places + Spaces partners want to showcase the best examples of cross-sector collaboration. We know there are ground breaking projects happening in communities large and small, rural and urban in all parts of the country and invite you to submit your project for consideration. We are interested in shining a spotlight on initiatives that are catalysts for community transformation, problem-solving or idea generation. In addition to projects featured during plenary and breakout sessions, Creative Places + Spaces will provide opportunities for in-person and/or video spotlight presentations, collaboration marketplace presentations and Toronto-based study tours. Enter your project or initiative today! The submission deadline is June 30...
Read more about the Collaboration Showcase submission process...

Keep Informed About Creative Places + Spaces
You can follow us on Twitter {AT} CPandS and check out the action on hashtags (and to contribute, use “#CPandS″ in your tweets). You can also join in the conversation on Facebook, Flickr and YouTube. The Creative Places + Spaces website will be updated often, so be sure to check back for updates or subscribe to our RSS Feed or Email Updates.

We hope to see you October 28 – 30, 2009 in Toronto for Creative Places + Spaces: The Collaborative City.



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