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<nettime-ann> Breakthrough. Saturday 27th June 2009 12-24. [distributed/
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<nettime-ann> Breakthrough. Saturday 27th June 2009 12-24. [distributed/Berlin]


Schedule/locations/information before/on the day: 

FM: 107.9 MHz // 3050187482 // http://1010.co.uk/org/breakthrough.html

Breakthrough proposes an experimental 12 hour event distributed across
Berlin locations, inter-network and radio space. Self-organising,
quasi-independent nodes participate and collaborate in the
construction of an event occupied with dislocation of representation
[language, software], time and space, and maintained with a strict
scheduling and interrupt system backbone (micro-FM and Internet).

The term breakthrough describes a sudden shift in understanding or
technologies, and, finally, a clearing (Lichtung), an entry into
unknown and unmapped territories. An enclosure is breached allowing
access to another, totally unforeseen state or space. Communication is
thus implied, a new form of exchange, perhaps between two otherwise
unconnected domains, between the living and the dead, between many
worlds. What does the sheer possibility of a breakthrough imply for
communication between the past and the future?

Breakthrough, as event, signals a change in direction, a pointing
towards new ways of actively describing and creating the world. Within
a complex mise en scene of workshops, lectures and performances,
diverse artists, theorists, researchers, and hackers collaborate in
the creation of a breakthrough which can rupture the enclosure of
scientific rationalism and enlightenment without recourse to named


Benjamin Laurent Aman, Sam Ashley, backyardradio Berlin, Benjamin
Cadon, Alejo Duque, Leif Elggren, Verena Friedrich, Kathrin Guenter,
Derek Holzer, Brendan Howell, Martin Howse, Jonathan Kemp, Martin
Kuentz, BjÃrn MagnhildÃen, Olga PanadÃs Massanet, PATO, Shintaro
Miyazaki, Douglas Park, Otto Rossler, Alia Scalvini, Der Tapeman,
TeleKommunisten, Adam Thomas, Danja Vassiliev

**Constructivist workshop:

Breakthrough will be constructed and prepared within a three day
workshop at _____micro_research [Berlin]

2PM 24,25,26 June 2009 2PM. Linienstrasse 54. Berlin 10119



Byrne: "I do not want to get a long half-hour involvement about Faraday
cages, diodes, or transistors and so on. Ken, in very simple language
and very shortly, have you been able to break this thing technically?"

Attwood: "Technically, no."

[Voices From The Tapes. Peter Bander. 1973]


Whatever you feed into the machine on subliminal level the machine will
processâSo we feed in 'dismantle thyself' [â] We fold in writers of all
time in together and record radio programs, movie sound tracks, TV and
juke box songs all the words of the world stirring around in a cement
mixer and pour in the resistance message "Calling partisans of all
nationâCut word linesâShift lingualsâFree doorwaysâVibrate
'tourists'âWord fallingâPhoto fallingâBreakthrough in Grey Room.

[William S. Burroughs. The Soft Machine. 1961]

** Details

Breakthough is supported by:

Hauptstadtkulturfonds, Berlin 2009

With the assistance and collaboration of: 

backyardradio Berlin

General Public

Mute Magazine

STYX Project Space


A production of:

_____-micro_research, pickledfeet, Linienstrasse 54, Berlin 10119

U2, Rosa-Luxemburg-Pl. U8, Rosenthaler Pl.

Telephone: 3050187482. 
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