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<nettime-ann> New opportunities announced for Artscape's Creative SpaceM
Artscape on Fri, 19 Jun 2009 01:33:20 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> New opportunities announced for Artscape's Creative SpaceMaking Workshops



New opportunities announced for Artscape's Creative SpaceMaking Workshops

Designed to Empower. Guaranteed to Inspire.

Creative SpaceMaking is a comprehensive learning experience developed by Artscape that demystifies the complexity of cultural facility planning, development, management and operations. Over the last four years, Artscape has facilitated workshops in Canadian communities of different sizes from Vancouver to Peterborough that connect participants with similar-minded practitioners through networking, exchanges and collaboration opportunities while providing knowledge, inspiration and motivation. 

Thanks to a generous contribution from TD Bank Financial Group, Creative SpaceMaking Workshops are now more affordable for community partners across Canada. During each workshop, Artscape will deliver leading advice on facility development topics ranging from organizational readiness and project planning to feasibility analysis, capital fundraising and governance models.

Artscape’s SpaceMaking Workshops are focused on providing innovative and practitioner-focused content to the range of partners required to deliver multi-dimensional facility projects including:

• artists and creative practitioners,
• arts and cultural organizations,
• architects, urban planners, and economic developers,
• downtown development corporations and business improvement associations,
• academia,
• funding bodies and local arts councils.

To make these successful workshops accessible to a broad range of municipalities and organizations, Artscape has developed a number of options for delivery:

A one-day ‘fundamentals’ curriculum delivered by senior Artscape staff that provides participants with an overview of the key steps and best practices in cultural facility development.

Option I - $7,500 + gst (community partner can either charge admission to cover costs or subsidize attendance)

Option II –
No upfront cost (community partner guarantees minimum attendance of 50 participants at $150.00/person with fees over and above $7,500 + gst accrued to partner)

A two-day ‘advanced’ curriculum that is more intensive and interactive, delivered by senior Artscape staff as well as local and international leaders in topics such as fundraising, design and planning. The advanced workshop can be customized to address specific learning objectives within each community.

Option I – Negotiable based on additional faculty

For more information on partnership opportunities with Artscape to deliver Creative SpaceMaking Workshops in your community, please contact Reid Henry, Director of Consulting + Research at 416-392-1038 x30 or reid {AT} torontoartscape.on.ca for more details.

Creative SpaceMaking Workshops are a component of the Artscape Knowledge Exchange Program, brought to you by TD Bank Financial Group.

Artscape is a not-for-profit, urban development organization that revitalizes buildings, neighbourhoods, and cities through the arts. www.torontoartscape.on.ca



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