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<nettime-ann> Shanghai New Gallery Launch / June 25th, 2009 / 7-10PM
Galerie Magda Danysz on Wed, 24 Jun 2009 21:40:53 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> Shanghai New Gallery Launch / June 25th, 2009 / 7-10PM


if you have trouble reading : http://www.magda-gallery.com/invitation25062009.htm

Shanghai New Gallery Launch / June 25th, 2009 / 7-10PM

Meet us in Shanghai for the opening of the new gallery space
For our first show in Shanghai come and meet JonOne

What : Gallery Launch + JonOne Solo Show Opening
When : Thursday Jun 25th, 7-10 PM
Followed by an Arty Party at Lounge18 (see below)
Where : 18Gallery at Bund18, 4F, 18 Zhongshan East Rd (E1), Shanghai
Website : http://artatbund18.com/

More about JonOne :
Be it for his talent as a graffiti artist or an abstract painter, JonOne is undeniably praised for his work and paintings worldwide. The colors, overflowing with communicative energy, give the impression of a modern stained glass painting.
JonOne started doing graffiti on the walls and trains in the poor Harlem neighborhoods where he grew up. "The subway's a museum that goes back and forth through town". He's one of the first New-York graffiti artists in Paris, and you can feel the American as well as the European influence on his work ; however he manages to find his own style, working his name as calligraphy. "Each one of my paintings is an abstract improvisation" he says of his work. He's an artist, who never slows down, as he says himself, he needs the artistic creation in order to keep on going.

More about the Arty Party :
From 10PM at Lounge18. To celebrate the gallery launch in Shanghai, meet for a special night with the first Arty Party of the season to come, introducing a mix of visual art with street artist JonOne, live artistic performance by Chao Chi (Theatre de la Sardine) and music (Guyskool aka DJ Bobby) : A night where everything mixes and gives a new meaning to Art as a whole, come and enjoy art and music ! And remember, June 25th is also the celebration for the opening night for the 18Gallery at Bund18.
Guests :
JonOne : visual artist
Chao Chi : performance
DJ Bobby : Music

Chao Chi "Diner for one" Performance
Chao Chi is believed to be one of the most interesting performer of the new generation. With her theatre de la Sardine she invents many small and funny performances for people to enjoy.

Homage to JonOne and street art : a special mix by DJ Bobby.
Guyskool a.k.a the famous DJ Bobby has carried away the crowds for numerous parties from music events, famous clubs via the most prestigious fashion rendez-vous. DJ Bobby has been deeply influenced by psy/goa trance and his style is referred to as a crazy and exciting mix of Tribal-house, Goa Trance and Hip Hop that makes everybody groove.




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