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<nettime-ann> 6th Public Art Forum, Mexico City
Javier Toscano on Fri, 26 Jun 2009 20:49:02 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> 6th Public Art Forum, Mexico City


The 6th Public Art Forum
is sending out an open call for people willing to come over to Mexico City in order to participate in several operation camps and urban drifts taking place this summer.

Operation camps are intensive units for research, production and development of cultural-artistic ventures with specific missions, through which our special agents strive to disseminate strategies for dissent, critical incidence and the generation of an engaged political meaning. The camps are endowed with a limited monetary fund which would be used by the participants in the way which suits them better. The documentation of the processes and the production developed within them will be available towards the end of the year in a catalogue which will be edited for the occasion.


Urban drifts are city-digressions, derivés or street wanderings. Our agentes want to deploy through them a conglomerate of field practices, recognitions, critical distancings and other transits that may activate the flux of memories, affections and the itineraries of the everyday for the development of the operations to come.


Please feel free to wander throughout all our activites this summer in Mexico City at

For more info, write to contact {AT} isssc.net

Forum Statement

A city is a place of complex meanings and relations where one can find a series of space and mobility practices, codified habits and poetics, social inertias and diverse policies where an interchange between different discourses is at stake, each of them with multiple repercussions. In this confederated sphere of individual and collective stances, cultural and artistic practices can become an important influence if configured from within the recognition both of the territories of disagreement, and of the opportunity of  negotiated outcomes. In this situation, creativity can be thought of as a useful, operative tool. The deployment of artistic practices might give way to the generation of crevices and interstices that would dislocate the continuum of the everyday through the renegotiation and management of strategic positions within the dominant withstanding discourses.

The 6th Public Art Forum wants to propose a setting for the discussion of (1) specific practices and contexts of engaged artist-citizens, as well as (2) some of the archaeo-anthropological traits of a city -Mexico City- where vestiges from distinct worlds and epochs coexist. The main purpose is not only to bring together the widely available information,  or to  organize the distinct disciplinary know-hows which stem out of Architecture, Urbanism, Literature, Anthropology, Psycoanalysis or Contemporary Art. In the end, the Forum strives for the production of artistic strategies of sociocultural significance, while it seeks to foster a critical thinking around the trajectories and paths that conform a city from the moment it emerges from within the minuscule configurations of the quotidian.

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