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<nettime-ann> "Project netarts.org 2009" - First announcement
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<nettime-ann> "Project netarts.org 2009" - First announcement

"Project netarts.org 2009" - First announcement

1. The "Project netarts.org 2009"

2. Call for the nomination

3. Nomination Form

4. The schedule


1. The "Project netarts.org 2009" 

>From 1995 to 2003, The Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts hosted the "
Art on the Net" project promoting the Internet as a space for artistic 
expression. After the nine years of "Art on the Net," we launched a new 
event called the "Project Netarts.org." The "Project netarts.org" has 
been calling on artists around the world to investigate together the 
relationship between Art, the Internet and the Society. 

The Exhibition section of the project will feature recent developments 
in Internet Art and is open to all forms of creative expression that use 
the Internet as their primary medium. 

Although this project is focused on the latest developments in the field 
of Internet Art, we are also very interested in considering 
contributions that reflect the influence of Internet Art production on 
the wider fields of Media-Art, Digital Art, curatorial practice, digital 
pedagogy, and online publishing. 

2. Call for the nomination.

This year, the artworks for the exhibition and the "netarts.org 2009 
prize" will be chosen by our Selection Committee. The members of our 
committee are;

Susan Hazan, Agnese Trocchi, John Hopkins, and You Minowa.

The theme this year is "Play with Me." The members will make their own 
nominations, but we will accept nominations from the web also. Please 
send your nomination to us directly from http://www.netarts.org/webmuseum.html.

The prize fee for the top selection will be 100,000 yen.

3. Nomination Form 

To nominate, please e-mail the following information to us directly:

  1). The URL address of your nomination 

  2). If you are the copyright holder of the nomination, your name, 
physical Address, phone number/fax. number, e-mail address are required. 

4. The schedule

We will accept nominations by mail from 15th, Aug. 2009 to 30th, Sept. 

The award-winning artwork will be selected by 30th Oct.. The exhibition 
will be launched 15th, Nov. 2009. 

For more information, please visit at our website, http://www.netarts.org/.

We are waiting for your nominations.
You Minowa
Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts
webmaster {AT} netarts.org
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