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<nettime-ann> cfp: 1st International Conference on Computational Creativ
Paul Brown on Mon, 14 Sep 2009 18:27:45 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> cfp: 1st International Conference on Computational Creativity

ICCC-X  : 1st International Conference on Computational Creativity
                      Lisbon, Portugal, 7-9 January 2010
                       DEADLINE: September 21, 2009

Call for Papers

Although it seems clear that creativity plays an important role
in developing intelligent computational systems, it is less clear
how to model, simulate, or evaluate creativity in such
systems. In other words, it is often easier to recognize the
presence and effect of creativity than to describe or prescribe
it. The purpose of this conference is to facilitate the exchange
of ideas on the topic of computational creativity in a
crossdisciplinary setting. It will bring together people from AI,
Cognitive Science and related areas such as Psychology,
Philosophy and the Arts who research questions related to the
notion of creativity as it relates to computational systems. This
focus on creativity in the context of computational systems has
the potential for increasing innovation in existing fields of
research as well as for defining new fields of study, including:

1.  Artificially Creative Systems: development of computational
systems that produce or simulate creativity. These systems may be
inspired by human creativity or by the possibilities of
artificial systems beyond human capabilities.

2.  Computational Models of Human Creativity: construction of
cognitive models of human creativity that can be the basis for
computational creativity.

3.  Computational Systems for Supporting Creativity: production
of user interfaces, interaction design, decision support, and
data modeling techniques that lead to the development of
intelligent assistants that support the user in being more

Original contributions are solicited in all areas related to
Computational Creativity, including but not limited to:

a.  computational paradigms for understanding creativity, including
heuristic search, analogical reasoning, and rerepresentation;

b.  metrics, frameworks and formalizations for the evaluation of
creativity in computational systems;

c.  perspectives on creativity, including philosophy of computational
creativity, models of human behaviour intelligent systems, and
creativity-support tools;

d.  the role of creativity in learning, innovation, improvisation, and
other pursuits;

e.  factors that enhance creativity, including conflict,
diversity, knowledge, intuition, reward structures, and

f.  social aspects of creativity, including the relationship
between individual and social creativity, diffusion of ideas,
collaboration and creativity, formation of creative teams, and
simulating creativity in social settings;

g.  specific applications to music, language and the arts, to
architecture and design, to scientific discovery, to education
and to entertainment;

h.  detailed system descriptions of creative systems, including
engineering difficulties faced, example sessions and artefacts
produced, and applications of the system.  The conference will
include traditional paper presentations, will showcase the
application of computational creativity to the sciences, creative
industries and arts, and will incorporate a "show and tell"
session, which will be devoted to demonstrations of computational
systems exhibiting behaviour which would be deemed creative in
humans. In addition, the conference will provide a forum for
identifying trends and opportunities for research on
[computational] creativity and promising practices concerning the
development of creative computational systems.

Invited Speaker

Our keynote speaker will be Nancy J. Nersessian, Regents' Professor
and Professor of Cognitive Science, Georgia Institute of Technology,
USA. Nancy is an expert on creativity and innovation in scientific


Please submit full papers of up to 10 sides in Springer LNCS format.
We are also inviting short papers of up to 5 sides in Springer LNCS
format. These can cover preliminary work, late-breaking results, short
systems descriptions and interesting musings. Submission details (via
easychair) are available on the conference website:


Important Dates

September 21, 2009 Submission deadline
October 30, 2009 Authors' Notification
November 22, 2009 Deadline for CRCs
January 7-9, 2010 Conference

Organising Committee

General Chair: Geraint A. Wiggins (Goldsmiths, UK)
PC Chair: Dan Ventura (Brigham Young, USA)
Local Chair: Amilcar Cardoso (Coimbra, Portugal)
Publicity Chair: Simon Colton (Imperial College, UK)

Please consider submitting a paper to what we hope will be a very
stimulating first conference in the computational creativity series.

Paul Brown - based in the UK July - Sept 2009
mailto:paul {AT} paul-brown.com == http://www.paul-brown.com
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Skype paul-g-brown
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