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<nettime-ann> CFP-PROSPECTIVES.09 Attention grad and Phd candidates
Joseph Delappe on Tue, 22 Sep 2009 18:04:32 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> CFP-PROSPECTIVES.09 Attention grad and Phd candidates


International Digital Arts Festival
November 12-14, 2009, University of Nevada, Reno

Attention Graduate and Phd Candidates!

Call For Proposals: Exhibit, Play, Present, Perform, Project(full dome)

Deadline for submissions: Must arrive by October 1st, 2009


A limited number of travel/accommodation grants are available and will be
awarded by the festival jurors.

Prospectives.09 will highlight the work of currently enrolled graduate and phd candidates working in experimental digital media at Universities throughout the United States and abroad. Graduate students working in and across disciplines are encouraged to submit works to be considered for this unique opportunity. The event breaks down into five interrelated events/venues: exhibit,
play, perform, project and present.

We invite proposals from currently enrolled graduate and phd students to submit work for consideration. Creative practitioners working in all visual and performative media incorporating digital systems, including but not limited to: interactive art, robotics, movement/dance, computer gaming, net art, full-dome video/animation, generative systems, electronic sculpture, locative media, interventionist practices, electronic music/audio art, experimental theater, performance art, etc. are invited to apply. Collaborations and works in progress are welcome and encouraged.

This event is sponsored by the Benna Foundation for Excellence in the Fine
Arts, The University of Nevada, Reno, Department of Art, The Sheppard Fine
Arts Gallery, the Fleischman Planetarium and Science Center, and the
Nevada Museum of Art.

Contact: Joseph DeLappe delappe " {AT} " unr.edu

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