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--The *Creative Data* special issue of *Leonardo Electronic Almanac
(LEA)* features
papers and artworks that deal with the emerging practice of data
visualization as an immersive experience. Data has long been the property
and domain of screen-based collection, archiving, processing and
interaction. The emergence of new processes, functionality and ways of
interacting with information is opening up several new areas of great
possibility in which the data allows newfound thematic and engaging forms of
immersion, as well as innovative and perception-reshaping interaction. Guest
edited by Jack Ox, Jeremy Hight and Erik Champion.

Jack Ox, Jeremy Hight, and Erik Champion, Creative Data: Visualisation,
Augmentation, Telepresence and
Trish Adams, "Machina

Joe Faith, "Interactive Data Exploration with Targeted Projection
Joanna Griffin, "Satellite Stories: Immersion in the Large-Scale Projection
of Google Earth and Public
Cindy Keefer, "'Raumlichtmusik' - Early 20th Century Abstract Cinema
Carol LaFayette, "Atta,
Luther Thie, "LA Interchange: A Real-Time
Klaus Wassermann, "lifeClipper - Commonality in
Ruth West, et al., "Algorithmic Object as Natural Specimen: Meta Shape
Grammar Objects from Atlas in

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