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<nettime-ann> jobop: Sr. Software Engineer for Broadcast/Video
Jameson Wallace on Sun, 21 Feb 2010 09:38:12 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> jobop: Sr. Software Engineer for Broadcast/Video



Sr. Software Engineer (Advanced Services) - C, C++, C#, Java Development for Broadcast/Video

As part of the HSN "Advanced Services" team, this Senior Software Engineer will play an active role during all phases of the Project Life Cycle. This individual adds technical input during the planning, analysis and design phases of a project. He or she is responsible for the "how to" questions, data elements, calculations and the creation of prototypes/models. He or she is involved at the development level in complex customizations and new application development and is active in the validation stage in order to ensure quality deliverables. He or she also plays an integral role in system integration.

To apply please visit www.hsn.com/careers and search for job # 0802651

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