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<nettime-ann> New issue release event for the publication of Left Curve
Csaba Polony on Thu, 22 Apr 2010 17:13:15 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> New issue release event for the publication of Left Curve no. 34

Our new issue, Left Curve no. 34, has been published.

If you live in the SF Bay Area, please join us at our new issue release event:

With presentations/readings by:
• Dominic Angerame • Rebecca Bella• Michael Cooper •  Agneta Falk • 
• Susan Galleymore • Jack Hirschman • Arionó-jovan Labu • 
• Naomi Ruth Lowinsky • Alejandro Murguia • Csaba Polony • 

City Lights Bookstore
261 Columbus Ave
San Francisco, CA 
Thursday, April 29, 2010
7 - 9 P.M.

Contents of Left Curve no. 34:
Csaba Polony: Considerations on the Global Economic Crisis & Ways Beyond the Logic of Capitalism. Yahia Lababidi: Crisis. Gene Ray: Radical Learning and Dialectical Realism: Brecht and Adorno on Representing Capitalism. Neeli Cherkovski: This Grotesque Empire (poem). A Declaration on Politics, Knowledge & Art: On the Fifth Anniversary of the Chto Delat Work Group. Theodore A. Harris: Oil Lamp (Graphic). Markus Euskirchen, Henrik Lebuhn & Gene Ray: Big Trouble in Borderland: Immigration Rights & No-Border Struggles in Europe. Diarmuid Breatnach: Report on the Basque Struggle for National Liberation Today. Maram Al-Massri: Gaza (poem). Michael Cooper: Shadows Over Yanoun. Fiction: Ron Savage: Martyrs; Ken Dickerson: Section 60; G.D. McFetidge: A Necessary War. Susan Galleymore: War and the Environment: Global Connections. Burson Richards: Since You’re Going to Die Anyway (fiction). Toke Hoppenbrouwers: Refections of a Woman Scientist. Attila Balogh: Gypsy Drill (poems, translated from Hungarian by Michael Castro and Gábor G. Gyukics). E. San Juan, Jr.: Problematizing Asian-American Cultural Politics & The Commodification of Jose Garcia Villa. Agneta Falk: Those We Don’t Know (poem). Neeli Cherkovski: Review of Earthly Plenitudes: A Study on Sovereignt and Labor by Bruno Gulli. Poetry: Lawrence Ferlinghitti (Dragon’s Teeth); Alejandro Murguia (Lorca’s Dream); Jack Hirschman (The Molly Arcane); Changming Yuan (Glass Sale; Word Fashion: Another Political Correct Poem); Lana Santorelli (Obituary Pages; Acid Lessons); Naomi Ruth Lowinsky (Most Stony South African God); Salgado Maranhão (Mural; Gray Legend), translated from Portuguese by Alexis Levitin; Nazim Hikmet (Traitor; Like Kerem), translated from Turkish by Cem Ryan and Hüda Cereb. Michael Eldred: Digital Dissolution of Being. Harvey Whitney: The Screen Deity & the Challenges of Unchecked Technophilia. Arionó-jovan Labu: Market Street Bluezman; D.W.B.; Poverty Ave (poems). Ali Shehzad Zaidi: The Endless Promise of the United States Declaration of Independence. Dominic Angerame: Experimental Cinema in La Habana. Victor Fowler Calzada: Another Bird of Doisneau, The Obligation to Express (poems), translated from Spanish by Rebecca Bella). Paintings of Jeramy Turner: The Ölmagnat: An Anatomy of Power. Steve Redhead: Mobile Accelerated Nonpostmodern Culture: On Theorising the New Era.

Editorial statement:
Left Curve is an artist-produced open, critical journal that addresses the problem(s) of culural forms, emerging from the crises of modernity, that strive to be independent from the control of dominant institutions, and free from the shackles of instrumental rationality. Our orientation is premised on the recognition of the destructiveness of commodity systems to all life, and the need to build a non-commodified culture that could potentially create a more harmoneous relationship among people, and between the human and natural world. We encourage open, critical, defetishized work that attempt to unravel, reveal, contemporary (inner/outer) reality in an atmosphere of mutual understanding and respect for the human condition. Each issue is a mix of traditional and/or experimental essays, graphics, photographs, visual/verbal art, poems, fiction, documents, reviews, etc. 

Left Curve Publications
PO Box 472
Oakland, CA 94604-0472

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