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handmilked visions on Thu, 29 Apr 2010 20:45:55 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> Calin Dan {AT} Oberhausen Film Festival


We have the pleasure to announce the world premiere of 
Wings for Dogs

by Calin Dan,
a Handmilked Visions production.

International competition of the Oberhausen Short Film Festival
(Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen),
Saturday May 1st, 14:30 h
movie theater.
The author will be present.


The follow up of a three years project conducted with inmates from a high security prison in Romania, W4D is an essay about language and its capacity to simultaneously communicate and hide issues connected to guilt and responsibility. The interviews with the inmates are reduced to key words, the complexity of their condition is synthesized in fake casting sessions. Shot throughout the prison, those are depicting the inmates as struggling heroes from Greek tragedies, while simultaneously mapping the space of the institution and its semiotic, relevant for the social engines of crime and punishment. The English version of the Romanian spoken texts has a strong graphic presence, stressing once more the fact that language is the key character of the video.

Wings for Dogs by CÄlin Dan; video, Netherlands/Romania, 2009; beta sp, b/w, colour, stereo, 18:30 min. Director: CÄlin Dan; photography: Victor Velculescu, Marius Iacob; additional camera: CÄlin Dan, Alexandru Patatics; digital photography: CÄlin Dan, Cristian Iordache; field sound recording: Alexandru Preoteasa; production design: CÄlin Dan; editing: Neil Coltofeanu, at FAV Studio; sound and music: Matze. Produced and distributed by Hand Milked Visions. With financial support from: the Office of the Chief Government Architect of the Netherlands; the Netherlands Film Fund; the Netherlands Foundation for Visual Art, Design and Architecture; Administration of the National Cultural Fund, Romania; Pro Helvetia Bucharest.

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