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<nettime-ann> Dark Matter of the Art World CFP
Susan E. Ryan on Thu, 29 Apr 2010 20:58:37 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> Dark Matter of the Art World CFP

Dark Matter of the Art World CFP

Papers are sought for the following panel that will take place at the College Art Association meeting
in New York City, February 9-12, 2011

Dark Matter of the Art World

The session will explore creative phenomena that negotiate their existence between the art world and the real world; they navigate beyond art radar.  
Much of the phenomena, from the actions of radicals like Las Agencias or Italy's Tute Bianche to the foraging events of Furtherfield, might
involve objects but are essentially project based.  Creators are groups or collectives, as opposed to solitary authors, or (where the
latter is the case), the work is interactive and maintains an open format whereby anyone can participate.  Gregory Sholette has described
such work as cultural dark matter.  In recent years new technologies have generated unprecedented interest in dark matter art
due to the increased networking and niche-building capabilities it offers to otherwise atomized practitioners.

The panel above all seeks theoretical perspectives on dark matter art.

Please see full text and other submission information at http://www.collegeart.org/pdf/2011callforparticipation.pdf

Submissions require cover letter, signed form (found on the website), 500-word abstract and CV.  CAA membership is also required of all participants but this is occasionally waived in instances of hardship.  Please email me if you wish to submit

Susan Elizabeth Ryan faryan {AT} lsu.edu

Deadline is May 3 but late papers will be considered (not too late).  

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