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<nettime-ann> [Press] PRESS RELEASE: Framework 0.7 is Faster and Open Cl
Fabricatorz Press on Sat, 18 Dec 2010 00:38:58 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> [Press] PRESS RELEASE: Framework 0.7 is Faster and Open Clip Art 2.8 Goes Creative Commons Zero

For immediate release:

San Francisco, December 15, 2010 UTC –

Aiki Framework (http://aikiframework.org) is ending 2010 on a series
of high notes that make up it's latest Release of Version 0.7. Lead
Aiki Developer, Bassel Safadi (http://bassel.ws), along with fellow
Fabricatorz (http://fabricatorz.com/about) have spent a month leading
to the upgrade pushing revisions, planning Aiki's future, and
deploying new features to Aiki's growing list of sites.

Aiki Framework is a leading open source, web-based content management
system. Version 0.7 is marked by a number of enhancements to the
package, including revamps of core elements by Aiki Developer, Roger
Martin (http://rg1024.wordpress.com). As a result, Aiki processing
speed has been supercharged. Bassel has also been working tirelessly
to enhance existing features while also killing bugs to improve user
experience in the admin panel, as well as allowing developers greater
control of the sites they build on the platform.

Aiki's flagship site, The Open Clip Art Library
(http://openclipart.org), has seen a month of growth and renewed focus
on future goals for the project. Open Clip Art Library 2.8 brings over
1,000 new and remixed images into the Public Domain. Going even
further to solidify OCAL as a leading provider of Open Source Content,
registered users have grown by an astonishing 2,500 since November 1.
The ever-expanding Community of artists continues to deliver solid
themed content, as the latest Package Release brings a collection of
over 75 Winter Holidays 2010 Clip Art

This release also sees the update of the site to use Creative Commons
updated CC Zero Public Domain Dedication tool. The goal of this tool
is to work internationally and take into account concerns by those
living in jurisdictions around the world that have other types of
rights around the creation of a work. By visiting the site, one will
notice now all references to waiving copyright on clip art
contributions are using this tool.

Fabricatorz and Open Clip Art Library founder Jon Phillips stated,
"Open Clip Art Library is used all around the world by Wikipedia,
teachers, artists, and plain old Mom's as a key source for graphics.
By updating our licensing tool, we are in compliance with the latest
Creative Commons recommendation for releasing works into the public
domain globally, and leading on the net with trying to increase
sharing. This type of sharism is crucial to the open web."

Beyond licensing, a new "Collections" system has also been launched.
Registered OCAL members now have the ability to aggregate their
favorite clip art into created lists. Each created list will appear on
the user's profile page. This is only a first step in a larger plan
for "Collections", so users are encouraged to test out this feature
and report any bugs. Profile editing continues growing more robust and
usable, thanks to OCAL Developer Chovynz
(http://www.openclipart.org/user-detail/chovynz). Users now have
access to their profile by simply selecting their username in the
header. Selecting the re-worded 'My Profile' will now lead users to
their management page. Improving usability even further, Bassel has
invoked "pretty urls" for all clip art uploaded to Open Clip Art

With these new updates in place, the Librarians want to open the
floodgates for Community involvement. Developers will be pleased to
learn that a major behind-the-scenes update has taken place, and The
Open Clip Art Library is now backed by the latest Version of Aiki
Framework. On top of that, Framework auto-updates are in place, so
OCAL will always be on the cutting edge as Aiki rockets toward the
future. The Open Clip Art Library's progression has been mapped out on
Launchpad (http://launchpad.net/openclipart). Here, users can learn
where OCAL is heading and how they can help. All are encouraged to
file any suggestions and bugs they find while utilizing The Open Clip
Art Library, as well as helping to fix existing issues. Any who are
unsure of how best to help are welcome to get started by logging into
OCAL's irc chat (#openclipart at freenode.net).

The invitation to contribute extends to Aiki Framework, whose future
is also mapped out on Launchpad (http://launchpad.net/aikiframework).
Aiki's Developers welcome feature requests and bug filing. For those
just beginning their Aiki Framework adventure, online documentation is
in place (http://www.aikiframework.org/wiki/Main_Page#Documentation)
and is continually being updated with definitions, tutorials, and
latest feature breakdowns. Aiki's irc channel (#aiki at freenode.net)
is also a great place to ask questions and learn from those who are
doing. Get started and be a part of a powerful and Open future.


* Aiki Framework 0.7 Release
* Faster processing & bug fixes
* New Open Clip Art Library 2.8 Release
* 2,500+ new registered users last month
* Winter Holidays  2010 Clip Art Package Release
* Call for Aiki Framework & Open Clip Art Library Developers

For more information

* http://aikiframework.org
* http://openclipart.org
* http://fabricatorz.com
* http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open_Clip_Art_Library
* http://www.facebook.com/pages/Open-Clip-Art-Library/345650985985
* http://aikilab.org

Press Contact

Jon Phillips
press {AT} fabricatorz.com
San Francisco + China

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