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Matze Schmidt on Sun, 8 May 2011 18:27:49 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> Kassel School 2 - Predator Names of Tanks in Mixers ... / Noise, a discussion ...


Kassel School 2

Predator Names of Tanks in Mixers without Exterior Input

The local armaments industry uses in fine tradition names of predators 
with pleasure. Now the pretty steam-punk of the No-Input Mixers is 
connected with that. By means of mixing consoles whose output is led 
to the input of the unit again electric signals can mutate into the growl 
of the tiger, the scream of the puma and the chirp of the cheetah. 
A presentation and a small workshop for trial show how it functions. 
The discussion about this does not have to be a cynical one, it can 
open up the contradictory and literally fabulousness of deadly 
weapons instead. 
Strictly speaking this had to be the third or fourth "Kassel School" 
already. Because after the country and free space planners as well 
as the posters- and other artists here now comes the follow-up of an 

Kassel, Lutherplatz (Germany) 
Performance, Workshop, Exhibition 
Sa., 21.05.2011, 18:00 pm 
Exhibition open until 26.05.2011 
Su., Tu., We., Th. 18:00-20:00 pm 

In the exhibition scores for the no-input mixer will be shown. 
The dynamic structure of a predator's sound is drawn into a mixing 
console-scheme. This matches in the first instance a simple 
Mimesis <imitation>. In the performance this will be exercised and 
varied. For the workshop there are copies of the "compositions" 
plus empty schemes for do-it-yourself. 
Here an example-PDF for download (in German):


Noise, a discussion of anti-revolutionary Revolutionists

It is often enough the job of various historical Revolutionists to
endlessly postpone political processes. In doing so they are not only
producing the suitable theoretical sound. The presidental aid Jacques
Attali and the Rolling Stones for example go along with each other
that the only thing left is to sing in a Rock'n'Roll Band. Does Noise
as the loud refusal meanwhile take this position?
The lecture will not be performed frontally but as an arrangement of
speech samples and sound examples (no pictures!) by playing a drumpad.
An Open Mike will be plugged to the amplifier in order that any time
someone can join in or intervene.

A second version shows in addition the script via video camera,
layered by an overhead projector on which interested parties can
write comments.

Live Performers Meeting
Nuovo Cinema Aquila
Rome, Italy
THURSDAY 19 May 2011
21:30 - 22:30


                         "NEVER STARTING TOUR"

19 Rome, Italy..................................Live Performers Meeting
21 Kassel, Germany...............................................TRA.FO
                                                       "Kassel School 2
                                      Predator Names of Tanks in Mixers
                                                without Exterior Input"
24 Kassel, Germany.........................Pool for experimental Sounds
27, 28? Offenbach, Germany.......................................Waggon
                             "Noise, a discussion of anti-revolutionary
                                       Revolutionists (Second Version)"
                             & Session with Kama Frajo www.kamafrajo.de
                                   + Strom www.myspace.com/stromkonzert

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