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<nettime-ann> Museums and the Web 2012 (MW2012): Proposals due next week
info on Tue, 4 Oct 2011 11:41:30 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> Museums and the Web 2012 (MW2012): Proposals due next week on 30 Sept!

Perfect weather, clear waters, and your favorite museum people from around
the world... 

--> Join us in San Diego, 11-14 April 2012, for MW2012! <--

Find the call for proposals https://conference.archimuse.com/mw2012/call on
the MW2012 website https://conference.archimuse.com/mw2012

And submit your proposal online through September 30, 2011
https://conference.archimuse.com/mw2012/proposal [login required]
Demonstration proposals will be accepted through December 31, 2011.
Proposals are extended Abstracts, with full details (including biographies)
of all co-authors

Full written papers for all accepted proposals are due January 31, 2012.

Read more: http://conference.archimuse.com/forum/mw2012_when_where_how

Nancy Proctor & Rich Cherry
MW2012 Co-chairs

info {AT} museumsandtheweb.com
nancy {AT} museumsandtheweb.com
rcherry {AT} museumsandthewebcom

Follow us on Twitter:
 {AT} museweb
 {AT} nancyproctor
 {AT} richcherry

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