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<nettime-ann> Tissue Engineering Workshop , May 22,23,24
Jim Ruxton on Thu, 4 Apr 2013 17:19:03 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> Tissue Engineering Workshop , May 22,23,24

Call for Participants : Deadline May 1 2013
Tissue Engineering Workshop, May 22,23,24 2013
Ottawa, Canada

Subtle Technologies is excited to announce an upcoming workshop on
Tissue Engineering. In partnership with SymbioticA, at The University of
Western Australia and the Pelling Lab at the University of Ottawa. This
workshop is being presented by Oron Catts and Andrew Pelling and his
team at the Pelling Lab for Biophysical Manipulation.
With thanks to; Dr Stuart Hodgetts, Dr Ionat Zurr & Bryan Keith.

The idea of growing products rather than manufacturing them have been
explored and critiqued through the notion of the semi-living by the
Tissue Culture and Art Project (TC&A) since 1996. It stems from the
developments in biomedical research in the 1990s; in particular tissue
engineering and regenerative medicine. The premise was that we can evoke
the latent regenerative abilities of the biological body to grow organs
and tissues either inside or outside of the biological or
techno-scientific bodies. In the last fifteen years, many artists have
used living tissue as a medium for artistic expression. The workshop
will cover some of the main techniques of regenerative medicine and will
explore the broader cultural and artistic implication of using living
tissue within an artistic context.
Make your own tissue cultures at this workshop. First, learn how to
design and build a DIY incubator, sterile hood and centrifuge. Then
learn the essentials of tissue engineering. The workshop will cover the
main techniques of regenerative medicine and will explore the broader
cultural and artistic implication of using living tissue within an
artistic context. 

The cost of the workshop is $250.00 which includes your lab materials.
Participants from out of town must organize their own accommodation. Due
to the nature of this workshop we can only take a limited number of
participants. In order to ensure a broad range of people, with different
interests and levels of experience, we ask each applicant to submit
their CV along with a short paragraph explaining why they are interested
in participating in the workshop. This information can be uploaded at
the following link before the deadline of May 1st 2013:


This is a rare opportunity to work with artist, curator and researcher
Oron Catts, a pioneer in the field of biological art. Oron is the
director of SymbioticA, the Centre of Excellence in Biological Arts,
within the School of Anatomy, Physiology and Human Biology, The
University of Western Australia. The workshop is being hosted in the lab
of Andrew Pelling (-Canada Research Chair in Experimental Cell
Mechanics), where participants will gain hands-on experience with modern
cell-biology practices and advanced biophysical tools. Andrewâs research
exists at the interface of several disciplines in order to understand
how physical information is processed by living cells in the context of
fundamental cell biology, the pathology of cancer and muscular diseases
and with applications in regenerative medicine. 

For further information:
Subtle Technologies http://www.subtletechnologies.com
Oron Catts: http://tcaproject.org/  http://www.symbiotica.uwa.edu.au 
Pelling Lab: http://www.pellinglab.net/

Subtle Technologies is grateful to the Canada Council for the Arts for
their support which helps makes this workshop possible. The research and
infrastructure in the Pelling Lab is supported by the Natural Resources
and Engineering Research Council, The Canada Research Chairs Program,
The Canadian Foundation for Innovation, the Province of Ontario and the
University of Ottawa.

Jim Ruxton
Director of Programs
Subtle Technologies Festival
jim {AT} subtletechnologies.com
Twitter:   {AT} SubtleTech

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