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<nettime-ann> call for talk proposals
ong_luminita on Fri, 5 Apr 2013 21:21:09 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> call for talk proposals

Call for Talk Proposals

Talks Hub is a new initiative intending to promote dialogue and exchange of ideas between artists, thinkers at large, scientists, curators, collectors as well as other people, through web-based group conferences aiming to interconnect scientific findings, philosophical approaches as well as practical know hows and personal views with various artistic experiences. 

Discussions may use a variety of themes that might have a special meaning for artists, such as familiarization with scientific research findings, data interpretation and visualization, ideas and philosophies, exploration of art techniques and mediums, different angles of curating and collecting, as well as many others.

Proposals for talks should be transmitted using the form available on our website, section Call for Talk Proposals.
There is no deadline and no application fee to submit proposals.
However, as we are now preparing the 2013 agenda for launching the hub, we welcome submission of early proposals.
More information about talks format and requirements at http://www.talkshub.net website.

Contact us at: questionmark {AT} talkshub.net
Talks Hub is a initiative of artist Alex Bodea ( http://drawshootingenroute.wordpress.com )
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