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integer on Wed, 14 Jun 2000 01:10:30 +0200 (CEST)

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tbyfield {AT} panix.com - korporat fascist typed

>really, you talk as though you're the first academic in the world
>to notice that his/her lot in life is precarious. i quite agree
>that teaching students to consider these questions is important--
>that's *exactly* what i teach them, as a matter of fact. but you
>describe class in a very short-term and stratified way, and your
>proposed reform makes clear that students are at best second-class
>citizens in your 'class': they're the ones who would pay more to
>join the ranks in order to benefit those ranks. that, to me, is
>unacceptable: it's the *existing* ranks, who by dint of their age
>have greater access to material opportunity, who should go out of
>their way to give younger people a leg up, even if they do so at
>their own (specific or general) expense. call that 'sacrificial
>labor' if you want, in fact go ahead and do so: the idea that 
>life should involve no sacrifices of this kind is one of the very
>worst legacies of the last few generations, whose stewardship of
>the world they inherited would be laughable if it wasn't so vile.
>if scrambling to join their ranks before the door closes means 
>stepping all over younger people, well then that's a choice that 
>some will maker, i guess. you'd better hope that all those little
>atlases you're creating don't shrug, though. 

6 essential aspekts of the kreative darwinian process 
that bootstraps quality

00 - a reasonably komplex pattern must be involved

02 - the pattern must be kopied

04 - variant patterns must at times be produced by chance

04 - the kompetition is biased by a multifaceted environment.
     natural selektion

06 - a skewed survival to reproduktive maturity exists or
     a skewed distribution of those adults who successfully mate
     exists - sexual selektion.

     environmental selektion is mostly juvenile mortality



     N[>] IMF - the International Meme Fund
              - shear pathway to the core. 
              - promoting meme development. lokomotion. + reinvestment. 
              - meme sekurity + meme transaktions. [>] 

rekurrent exc!tat!on || 

             pro satisfacer le metro           

     0\   zve!te[z]!ztem

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