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august 8:
homage / hijack / memorial / complain / pop / other
Acces Local, Ana Laura Lopez de la Torre, Anthony Iles / What we Call Progress, Anna Best, Caroline Ford, Eduardo Padilha, Ella Gibbs / belt: a space in between, Gail Olding, Gustav Metzger, Helga Oskars, Isa Suares, Jacob Jurgensen, Janine & Leif / Inhabit, Janne Schaffer, Jorn Ebner, Katarina Sevic / PP, Melina Berkenwald, Oreet Ashery, okpaul (Unevolved), Pino Boresta / Oreste, Rayna Nadeem and Kathy Williams / Mixed Up, Ronee Hui, Sasha Costanza-Chock / splice, Syndicate, Space Hijackers, Zeigam Azivov.
A work-info-meeting session at the Trade Apartment to present the activities developed in the electric arcade and surrounding area in Brixton.
Opening: Tuesday 8 August 6:30--8;30 pm
> Open working session: 8 August from 2pm
Trade Apartment
404-408 Coldharbour Lane
Brixton, London 
t +44 (0)20 7733 8181
f +44 (0)20 7737 3859

rkdk {AT} msdm.org.uk

: www.msdm.org.uk/rkdk.htm