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Nicholas Hermann on 18 Jan 2001 21:32:26 -0000

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[Nettime-bold] [7-11] [ot] [!nt] \n2+0\ Re: more than tired about nettime - ulak elektr!z!t!

>>> integer {AT} www.god-emil.dk 01/18/01 11:34AM >>>

>hi geert, pit, tom, nettimers,
>> Dear Tom Sherman
>> you are rightly tired of information.

Just like Universal Page.  A straw horse which has been used for centuries.  In a new enivronment the institutional mind will be unable to function.  It will cease.  It already has, it's already dead.  It cannot think, act, be aware, or show compassion.  It's just greedy and tries to do anything possible to preserve itself.  It controls the money and the money keeps using it, but the money only needs a few people as puppets.  It doesn't need most people.  some people it doesn't need at all--they are refuse--some people it needs as puppets to move through.  They can't think or be aware and all that does is their professional enemy.

Money has always won out over media.  Money likes to stay permanent.  Therefore humans have been driven out of the media.  Human awareness has been driven out of money.  Money is the principle of permanence in media, and the love of money is the root of all evil.  The sinews of war are infinite money, Tully saith.  

J'ai fin.  they accuse us of incomprehensibility, which must be our proof.  Incomprehensibility is their great chain of being, their meaning of God.  We have to help each other.  They won't help us.  If God can't speak no one will.  They want us to wait.  Permanence wants us to atrophy and wait.  Its puppets refuse to participate in Genius 2000.  They won't talk about it because they think the book might end before they retire, their children will find them bigots.  Publicizing bigotry is a great driver of destabilization.

>but this for sure would change radically the
>format of the nettime-list. 

Mark Stahlman knows that humanity has already disappeared, and knows that the destruction of nettime will be a sign of our reappearance.  Mark Stahlman was in the Genius 2000 Conference 2000:  Genius 2000.  The voting didn't go his way.  I wasn't allowed to vote by my own hand.  Mark helped Genius 2000.  


it would indikate i have the ability to survive 
sans running away or running towards.
i will shed leaves in the shade because i like stepping on bugs.


James Wines says De-Architecture says:

"When creative expression of consensus opinions is thwarted, either by political repression or by artists' lack of response, the resulting art forms enter into an unhealthy relationship with society--which is precisely what has happened with architecture.....the ideas a building generates as an extension of its own functions or internal formal relationships are neither as valid nor as relevant as those it absorbs from the outside."


Zhei fin mrkmekrei, we have not yet entered into the passage of time, we live in dark new ruins.  It will use puppets to kill us, and already has, all that is left is to keep an open door to every friend.  Mrkmekrei.


such an unification leads to inconsistency and contradiction.
contradictions arise - - - fact from rational thought - - -
a multiplicity which can exist as one single completed objekt 
is a consistent multiplicity contradiction +

Albos, koros, hybris, ate, you cannot feel your loss until you suffer it, and only in good fortune is your downfall going to find you.  Money goes backwards only, backwards even forwards, and this is why it kills humans.


            netochka nezvanova - arkitektural dekoration
            netochka nezvanova - arkitektural dekoration


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