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Re: [Nettime-bold] sports in cyberculture
Janne Koski on 1 Feb 2001 07:52:21 -0000

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Re: [Nettime-bold] sports in cyberculture

VOLTTI					(Voltti=somersault in finnish)
Exhibition and symposium about crossovers and junctions of art and sport
Lönnström Art Museum and Rauma Art Museum 17.8.-2.12. 2001

Lönnström Art Museum and Rauma Art Museum in Rauma in Finland are arranging
an exhibition about art and sport and what they have in common. The
exhibition will be in autumn 2001 simultaneously in both museums and after
that it will tour in other venues in Finland. We are going to present  a
large variety of art works and documents connected to cultural elements of
sport and physical/bodily elements of art.

Art and sport are often considered as opposite forms of human activity. The
art-sport juxtaposition manifests the religious and philosophical concept,
deeply rooted in the Western cultures, of body and soul as separate and
sometimes even contrasting elements of life. Besides the apparent contrast
art and sport has also interesting crossovers and contact points. Moving
body and cultural/aesthetic values can be seen intermingling as well in
adoration of the naked athletic body in the 1920's as present day
skateboarding. Is sport as much a way to be in contact with one's inner
nature and social relationships as art?

A symposium discussing the theme of art and sport will be held in october 2001.

Themes (preliminary):

Body and movement in contemporary art
Body movement in dance and performance
Sport and nationalism in Finland, photos
Pain and beauty, fitness as bodily ideal
Female/male themes in art and sport
New culture of body, skateboarding
Dance photos, videos and live performances
Motion without physical motion, virtual sports in computer games
Asian martial arts and their philosophy

Artists (preliminary):

Roderick Buchanan, video, installation, photo
Riitta Uusitalo, comics, paintings
Harri Heinonen, sport fan culture in Finland
Jyrki Markkanen, graphic art with sport themes
Susanne Gottberg, paintings
Jaakko Niemelä, Stefan Bremer photos

Movies with sport or bodily motion themes

Ms Kati Kivimäki, director
Lönnström Art Museum
Valtakatu 7
FIN-26100  RAUMA
tel. +358-(0)2-83874722
fax +358-(0)2-83874742
kati.kivimaki {AT} lonnstromintaidemuseo.fi

Mr Janne Koski, director
Rauma Art Museum
Kuninkaankatu 37
FIN-26100 Rauma
tel +358-(0)2-8224346
fax +358-(0)2-8222183
janne.koski {AT} raumantaidemuseo.inet.fi

Janne Koski
Rauman Taidemuseo/Rauma Art Museum
Kuninkaankatu 37
FIN-26100 Rauma
puhelin/phone +358 (0)2 8224346
mobile +358 40 7326274
fax +358 (0)2 8222183
janne.koski {AT} raumantaidemuseo.inet.fi

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