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[Nettime-bold] WEB DISSEMMINATION PROJECT Message from Canada Council
George(s) Lessard on 15 Feb 2001 04:43:09 -0000

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[Nettime-bold] WEB DISSEMMINATION PROJECT Message from Canada Council


Date: Sun, 03 Jan 1904
Subject: Message from Canada Council
From: "Peter Sandmark" <ifva {AT} CAM.ORG>

Dear IFVA members

I am enclosing below a message from David Poole about a web dissemination
research project that Council is doing.  Please read it and respond to
their questionnaire.

Peter Sandmark
National Director
Independent Film & Video Alliance

January 31, 2001


Dear  Colleagues,

The Board of Directors of the Canada Council is funding the Media Arts
Section to organize a project to consolidate and support the efforts of
Canadian media artists, in order to ensure that they have an informed,
active presence in Web dissemination.

The potential for creation and distribution of media artwork over the Web
is enormous but there is a narrow window of opportunity within which to
carve a meaningful presence for artists. In the United States, the
National Alliance for Media Arts and Culture (Namac) estimates that within
three years "audience expectations regarding ... interactive media, and
the infrastructure designed to deliver it, will become resistant to
alternative structures and experiences."

The Media Arts Section is interested in the dissemination of work that was
not originally produced for the Web (videotapes and film, audio works) and
work that only exists in the Web environment (Web movies, webcasts, work
with hypertext links).

The project plans to:

1. Study: consolidate information regarding current practices, challenges
and opportunities, enrich it with international research and test it with
government and private sector partners. 2. Discuss and develop: bring
together members of the community and key partners in a working group to
develop a work plan. 3. Present a proposal for funding web dissemination
projects to the Board of the Canada Council (June 2001) 4. Fund
prototypes: subject to additional funding, organizations will be invited
to apply for funds to build and test dissemination prototypes. 5. Inform:
set up a website to post the research, to invite commentary and feedback
from the community and to follow the development of the prototypes.

Katherine Watson, an Ottawa-based researcher and producer, has been hired
to co-ordinate the project. We have also hired Katarina Soukup of Montréal
to undertake the basic research phase of the project. Katherine has
prepared the attached set of survey questions that we are asking you to
complete and return it me at the Council (...) as soon as possible. If you
have questions about the  project or the survey, please contact me at
1-800-263-5588, extension 5250 or by e-mail at
david.poole {AT} canadacouncil.ca or contact Katherine directly at
613.233.7523, fax 613.233.3069, watson-k {AT} home.com

We look forward to working with you on this exciting project and will
shape the project to reflect the needs that you identify in the survey.


David Poole
Head, Media Arts Section

For: Canadian and international distributors of: film, video and web-based
work. Re:  Web streaming activities and initiatives


1. Who do you represent? What is your constituency? How do you
identify/select artists? How large is your membership?
2. What is your structure? (ie artist run center, not for profit,
commercial) 3. What is the reach of your distribution? Can you define your


1. What type of work is being digitized now and what are the technical
considerations? 2. Are you currently streaming work?


1. What are your immediate plans for streaming? What type of work?
2. What are your priorities?
3. What is your timeline?


1. What are your biggest challenges to meeting both short and long term
plans for streaming work? (technical? copyright? e-commerce etc.) 2. What
resources would you need? What role could the Canada Council play? 3. Any
other issues?


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