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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> Usenet archives sold, whay about README! ?
McKenzie Wark on 16 Feb 2001 16:47:00 -0000

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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> Usenet archives sold, whay about README! ?

It is no fault of Josephine Bosma's that Amazon catalogue the
Readme! anthology incorrectly. The title page lists ten editors
(most of the them spelt correctly!). The book didn't edit itself.

From: "Drazen Pantic" <drazen {AT} xs4all.nl>
Date: Thursday, February 15, 2001 10:12 pm

> Also what about derivatives of nettime,
> like README!? Recently, preparing a course about technology and NGOs,
> I was to include README! in the course reader. Checked on the Amazon,
> and on the address
> http://www.amazon.com/exec/obido
> D1-2/107-1550648-2181301
> found this description:
> ReadMe! ASCII Culture and the Revenge of Knowledge
> by Josephine Bosme, Nettime
> Obviously I do not have any problems with Nettime credited for the
> book, but what about the other name? I do not see any big conspiracy
> there, nor do accuse anybody for taking over some other people's work,
> but as credited now it follows that Josephine is the author of the
> book.
> What opens possible discussion about another issue related to both
> Nettime and NGOs...Internal dynamical structure in relation to
> acclimated goals and principles. As we all know, many NGO's press
> releases are full of slogans about civil society and freedom of
> expression, but how many do exercise any of those principles
> internally? And soon or later those organization just implode in some
> meaningless simulation of the real work.
> Not wanting that kind of destiny to Nettime, I think we shell all
> think carefully about how nettime relates to its authors, their copy
> rights (if any) and the incredible number of well intended individuals
> and (sometimes) great texts that appear here.
> Cheers
> Drazen
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