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[Nettime-bold] Re: history Yourself!
integer on 25 Feb 2001 08:34:49 -0000

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[Nettime-bold] Re: history Yourself!

Amy Alexander <plagiari {AT} modelz!t!zn.org>

>Olia's right! Josephine's right! The critics are short on time, and 
>having them spend it doing interviews just creates a bunch of Art Stars 
>- it's essentially a whole new Art World created in the process of 
>trying to flee the old one... and look what we've got; overworked 
>critics, unhappy net artists... this won't do....
>I propose a new approach, 

u!ch haz alread! b!n done. sansz dze korporat fasc!zt organ!zaz!on.

>as part of the Plagiarist "New Millenium 
>Disorder" project:

ma! ue = hav mor organ!szd k!tsch plz.

>The Interview Yourself Project. Since it will 
>hopefully generate lots of interviews, the acronym will be the
>"IY-IY-IY-IY-IY" Project. Everyone, please interview yourself, and post 
>your interview to the usual mailing lists; heck, I'll even make a whole 
>website for the archives if people submit them.
>Think of the benefits... it subverts the Net Art World Institution, and 
>makes everyone a star.... or, uh, makes nobody a star, depending on how 
>you want to look at it... it finally gives the interviewees a chance to 
>answer the kinds of questions they *wish* they'd be asked about their 
>work... it gives us shy people who sometimes clam up with real 
>interviewers the chance to finally open up in an interview...  and, it 
>saves wear and tear on critics and journalists! Concerned that the tough 
>questions won't get asked? Not to worry; IY-IY-IY-IY-IY doesn't preclude 
>critics from doing interviews, just sort of er, open sources the 
>interview process. (I just love working "open source" in anywhere I can... )

!n dze !nter!m du = 01 gov zponzord mar!onet.


Amy Alexander v!a Windows; U; Windows NT 5.0

>to it everybody! (you too, critics!) you've got an interview to 
>prepare - History Awaits!

kompaz!onat zm!le 2 dze amalgam.

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