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[Nettime-bold] Re: Syndicate: free spam for net-art-wankers
spam.it admin on 30 Mar 2001 10:51:52 -0000

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[Nettime-bold] Re: Syndicate: free spam for net-art-wankers


probably it is not possible to stop certain things

>From: Andreas Broeckmann <abroeck {AT} transmediale.de>
>To: syndicate {AT} eg-r.isp-eg.de
>Subject: Re: Syndicate: free spam for net-art-wankers

At 30.03.01 10:04:00, you wrote:
>this is an utterly stupid project and all that you are achieving is that
>these open discussion forums may have to get moderated and slow in order to
>protect them from your 'art'. great project!
>i would kindly ask the people who installed it to switch it off.
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