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[Nettime-bold] NO COMPRESSION festival, syracuse, ny -----digital.crash.
tim jaeger on Sun, 22 Apr 2001 21:19:25 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-bold] NO COMPRESSION festival, syracuse, ny -----digital.crash.community------

No Compression,
April 28, 2001,
9 pm-2 am,
220 South Warren St.,
Syracuse, NY.

"Plug in, reboot, filter through, file around, go between"

is the catch phrase of this event that sprung up over the course of about a 
month and 2 emails out to the www.microsound.org http://www.microsound.org 
listserv. A local arts-organization group called ThINC became involved and 
the city of Syracuse donated a 10,000 sq foot abandoned bank for the 
happening, which combines (micro)-sound collage, video projection, and 
architecture-based installation in the form of a temporary "crash community" 
both online and off. A LISTBOT archive marks the flurry of correspondence 
between artists/musicians in New York City, Vienna, San Francisco, Florida, 
etc. Participants have releases out on Underconstructing, Technoh, Werkzeug, 
Fallt, have performed with Dat Politics, Pluramon, etc.and have been 
screened internationally. Catered w/ bar.

coordinated by tim jaeger (ex- kunstradio.at /thing.net)

More information:

http://www.foundrysite.com/nocompression http://nocompression.listbot.com

email tim_in_flux {AT} hotmail.com

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