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integer on Sat, 5 May 2001 04:27:40 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-bold] (no subject)

>you appear to be middle class.
>what is your edicition +?
>My education
>Well, my knowledge is embodied rather than
>I have not been to college & I come from poor a
>estate, with a type of education that was
>designed not
>to let individuals believe in their potential.
>At 12 I started
>to bunk school & explore information in the
>library as an
>alternative to the junk I was being fed at
>school. Ever since
>I've always been suspicious of institutions - I
>soon left my
>home area and found work, fulltime & got myself
>a studio
>at 16 and started making art. I am now 37, and

too old. d!zposz

c!ao bamb!no

>it was the
>best move that I ever made. Thanks for
>marc garrett

nn. k!s!ng dze sun.

             \            \/       i should like to be a human plant
            \/       __
                                   i will shed leaves in the shade
        \_\                        because i like stepping on bugs

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