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[Nettime-bold] MUTEK / Music, Sound and New Technologies
Natalie Melanšon on Wed, 9 May 2001 15:35:09 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-bold] MUTEK / Music, Sound and New Technologies

MUTEK / Music, Sound and New Technologies - 2nd Edition 
Montreal, May 30 - June 3, 2001


MONTREAL, MAY 2nd, 2001 - Following the huge success of its inaugural
presentation, MUTEK returns bigger and better for a second edition from May
30 to June 3: five days of concerts and performances illustrating the
world-wide vitality of sound and music creation using digital technologies. 

Presented by EX-CENTRIS, MUTEK 2001 features a selection of the most
original and innovative artists in the field of advanced electronic music.
Well connected to ever-changing influences and trends that transcend
societies, MUTEK broadens its horizons this year to recognize the global
character of a major cultural phenomenon by welcoming 40 artists from nine
countries. From Chile to Sweden, through the Netherlands, France, Argentina
and Canada, the fine leaders of the international avant-garde will reunite
in Montreal.

This year, MUTEK inducts a new site: the non-conventional space of Society
for Arts and Technology (SAT) (305 St-Catherine St. W.) where the evenings
of June 1, 2 and 3 (starting at 9 pm) will be presented, as well as the
entire series of free "Happy Hours". The two opening nights (May 30 and 31,
also starting at 9 pm) will take place at Ex-Centris (3536 St-Laurent Blvd).


For five intense evenings, MUTEK offers an experience of a film in itself,
with an experimental beginning and an explosive conclusion finale. Between
these two poles, an evolutionary journey of seeing and hearing a number of
declinations of current digital creation. The audience is thus invited on a
formidable journey across the spectrum of new sounds, filled with brand new
discoveries and experiences.
The festivities will culminate Sunday, June 3 at the SAT with an
extraordinary evening, bringing together three of the biggest names in
electronic music, DIMBIMAN (from Perlon), THOMAS BRINKMANN and MATTHEW

This brilliant destination has as its point of departure, on Wednesday, May
30 at Ex-Centris, a dive into the Electro-acoustic foundations of electronic
music with GOEM, a Holland trio better known as Kapotte Muziek, and MIKAEL
STAVOSTRAND, a pivotal figure in the Scandinavian electronic music scene. A
meeting between Montreal's analogue sound-effects engineer, MARTIN
TETREAULT, and the experimental creations of I8U will start things off,
before JETONE (Tim Hecker) concludes this inaugural evening.

Thursday, May 31, the Fellini theatre at Ex-Centris will be transformed into
a veritable operating room, as MATMOS interpret their recent compositions
constructed by sampling surgical instruments and backed by visuals of a
similar theme. Musical collaborators to Bjork and newest indie sensation,
Matmos illustrate that experimental music is far from boring by marrying,
with humor and wit, rock and techno. The unit AELAB will precede the duo,
who will then be followed by a sound and visual collage, influenced by funk
and minimal techno, from RECHENZENTRUM. The evening will conclude at 11pm at
the SAT, with South American RIC Y MARTIN made up of Ricardo Villalobos and
Dandy Jack, who record Electro-jazz and Latin rhythms on the Perlon label.

The next day, Friday, June 1 at the SAT, TRIPLE R will present a selection
of artists, from many different continents and regrouped under the TRAUM
label. This is a new generation of artists that enriches, with its variety
of influences, the domain of electronic music: PROCESS (UK), PHILIPPE CAM
(France), GUSTAVO LAMAS (Argentina) and Montreal's own AKUFEN; a rising
figure who knows a dazzling unfurling abroad since his performance last year

The evening of Saturday June 2 will be dedicated to Cologne's prestigious
label, KOMPAKT, who will use MUTEK as its premiere performance in North
America. United under the KOMPAKT label, a guarantee of quality synonymous
with sound research and elaborate, accessible and transporting rhythms,
promises to be a truly special event, a great celebration of electronic


With the goal of making sound performance accessible to a greater audience,
and as a compliment to the principal program, MUTEK has organized a series
of free concerts presented every day at the SAT. These "Happy Hours" (5 pm
to 7 pm) are an occasion to experience the sounds of MUTEK in a location
conducive to meetings among the public, artists and the industry.

Chileans DANDY JACK and RICARDO VILLALOBOS will get the ball rolling on
Wednesday, May 30, while on Thursday, May 31, four young Montreal composers:
JULIEN ROY, MAXIME MORIN (Rodeo in Reno) as well as COLLIS BROWN and J.
TRAVERS (Vrac) will present atypical approaches to musical composition. 

On Friday, June 1, KAPOTTE MUZIEK, accompanied by "students" who will have
participate in a workshop that day, invites the audience to a tour of the
daily environment, not with their eyes, but with their ears, by re-mixing of
sounds gleaned live from the performance site. 

The underground Montreal label Alien8 will take advantage of the Happy Hour
on Saturday, June 2 to launch its sub-label  SUBSTRACTIF, with performances
by the first two artists to be signed: TOMAS JIRKU and MITCHELL AKIYAMA. And
Sunday, June 3 Toronto label DUMB-UNIT, will take the spotlight to showcase


MUTEK is the first event in North America to dedicate itself to developments
in electronic music by bringing artistic approach and technological
innovation to the forefront, while providing a favourable context for
listening for both artists and audience. MUTEK bridges the gap between North
America and Europe, whose electronic music scene has seen an impressive
explosion, and puts Montreal in the world's spotlight. Thanks largely to
notoriety gained in a single year, MUTEK has become a catalyst for local
musicians by allowing them to participate in this network of international

The second edition of MUTEK is possible thanks to the help of many
contributors. MUTEK is particularly thankful to EX-CENTRIS, its main sponsor
and incubator for the project. Our acknowledgements are also extended to the
CACUM (Arts Council of Montreal) for its financial support, and to the SAT
(Society for Arts and Technology), host of many of MUTEK's activities. MUTEK
is also proud to associate itself to a new group of partners and thanks
warmly its international media partners XLR8R, Artbyte and Shift; the local
media partners Montreal Mirror, Ici Montreal, Convergence, CIBL, CKUT, CISM,
CBC (Brave New Waves), SRC, as well as La´ka and the McAuslan brewery. 

Tickets for MUTEK are now on sale at Ex-Centris (3536 St-Laurent blvd),
Rotation (30 Prince Arthur W.), Atom Heart (364 B Sherbrooke St. E.), and CD
Esoterik (1841C Ste-Catherine St. W.). Tickets can also be reserved at
tickets {AT} mutek.ca. 

More information available on www.mutek.ca (the site is being updated


EX-CENTRIS - May 30 & 31: 20 $ / night
SAT - June 1 - 3: 25 $ / night
MUTEK pass (acces to all): 90$
Weekend pass (June 1, 2 & 3): 60$

TICKETS on sale starting April 30
EX-CENTRIS: 3536, St.-Laurent Blvd. - ROTATION: 30, Prince-Arthur W.
ATOM HEART: 364 B, Sherbrooke E. - CD ESOTERIK: 1841C, Ste-Catherine W.
Reservations by email: tickets {AT} mutek.ca
Payment in cash only

MUTEK - Music, Sound and New Technologies
3530, St-Laurent Blvd, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, H2X 2V1
T. 514-847-9272 -  F. 514-847-0732
mutek {AT} ex-centris.com - www.mutek.ca

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