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[Nettime-bold] Left Curve no. 25
Csaba Polony on Sat, 26 May 2001 22:05:43 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-bold] Left Curve no. 25

The new issue of Left Curve (no.25) has been published. Selected
contents from the hard copy are posted on:
We welcome critical feedback and are open to submissions of work.

Left Curve is an artist-produced open, critical journal that addresses
the problem(s) of culural forms, emerging from the crises of modernity,
that strive to be independent from the control of dominant institutions,
and free from the shackles of instrumental rationality. Our orientation
is premised on the recognition of the destructiveness of commodity
systems to all life, and the need to build a non-commodified culture
that could potentially create a more harmoneous relationship among
people, and between the human and natural world. We encourage open,
critical defetishized work that attempt to unravel, reveal contemporary
(inner/outer) reality in an atmosphere of mutual understanding and
respect for the human condition. Each issue is a mix of traditional
and/or experimental essays, graphics, photographs, visual/verbal art,
poems, fiction, documents, reviews, etc.

Csaba Polony (ed.)
Left Curve
leftcurv {AT} wco.com

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