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[Nettime-bold] _Real.][s][igning of a P.Ost][eal][-N.Tity Condenstructio
][mez][ on Mon, 28 May 2001 16:04:46 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-bold] _Real.][s][igning of a P.Ost][eal][-N.Tity Condenstruction_

_Real.][s][igning of a Poste-N.Tity Condenstruction_

1. Diaggressive Readettachment

A fusive proligaturing of the substringular damps all flushing actions. The
bath is drenched with P][e][lastmica(tm*). SeveReal of the Headronic
pulse.][.ing][ within x.pansitive verbogens. A lone fusalarge floats in2
full-blown Circuitdian ][a][Motion. 

2. Flue.I.D Syrephoneic Igknition

CeRAMica activalidation abasiacs the tripwired. Duel Acton Rogue][-V][rs
melt severbal to the newly-pored E-verbogens. A shiv][a][erb blows down the
Crystaligns(tm*). Client][sui][cide Trembling begins during the Syphonic

3. Revamplified Codemagoguing

Core.pus.culation brings fresh metronulation. The w.arnicas bleat in
undulatory arhythmatics. Hydra.Onmnonics ooze a taxenophobic substance
known as Geneticosa(tm*). Disenflagulation becomes imp.ossicle.

_ _ _ _________________ ______ _ __ _ _ _.__.__.

*[Tyrellic Modemathics]

.           .    ....         .....
      n.sert x.coins.x .here. xXXx             
.... .               .???  .......

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