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[Nettime-bold] fwd: 'free party' vids wanted
Sean Healy on Tue, 10 Jul 2001 03:12:15 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-bold] fwd: 'free party' vids wanted

From:"anna spanna" <sagaponic {AT} yahoo.com>

two bits for u freeeparty ppl out there..

undercurrents [http://www.undercurrents.org ]

is making a moovie about the viral spread of free party kulcha thruout
europe, oz, and america.. anybody out there with footage of some kickin
doofs, or could do an interview for us, pls let us know :
anna {AT} beyondtv.org or mickfuzz {AT} rocketmail.com

and one about WIKIS..

--- they know wutt is wutt - but dey yud-yud yadda yud ----
---*they jus yud* edition------------------------->>>>>>>

*positive project : network 23 help undercurrents to make a film on free

party culture
can you help?
*positive project 2: distributonomy.org : useful services for a clear
thinking on-line community
Media Project - <http://www.distributonomy.org>
This project has been a long time coming - it's huge. Apparently the BBC
up to something similar and it's going to be about 6 episodes.

I think the way the underground version can be better is by talking to
people that we actually involved in the whole root of it. It's easy to
punters who were swept up in the Rave and free party explosion. Some of
pioneers are easy to find that Colston-Talyor or whatever his name is
probably has an agent.

There have been some good books as well. Altered States and a new age
traveller book had good chapters on the early free party/traveller
cross-over. We'll try to get some background text information on the web


Now things have moved on a bit - free parties are pretty commonplace in
UK and have lost a bit of the rebellious nature. It will be good to

But Is it a victory for common sense or does the fact that the parties
to be small and sensible mean that a lot of the energy and power to
people's minds" has gone?
please comment on this.....

Free festivals are extremely rebellious in Europe. Have a look at what's

happening in France at the moment here. But some of the original spiral
pionneers who brought the music and movement to Europe are so disgusted
the lack of environmental respect of some ravers that they want to
disassociate themselves from the whole scene.

So are the French authorities justified in outlawing freeparties if the
people involved can't clear up after themselves?
Or are they taking advantage of negative media coverage of some events
end up a mess, and then outlawing all free gatherings despite the fact
most of them leave no trace of rubbish and end safely?
please comment on this.....

This summer sees a massive tour of the USA of free party sound systems
culture. What will happen here? Will the virus finally take root in a
way [outside of the SFBay area] in the States? The Rave movement is
but up to now has been a parody of "Kandy Ravers", a more commercial,
shallower, more innane approach to the whole deal.

Can free parties save AmeriKKKa from a future of increasing fuel
irresponsibility and international seperatism/exploitation?
Will the tour of the US this summer make Candy ravers wake up and
the miliarist society of which they are a product?
Tune in next month or more importantly use the comment board


Media/ Internet Project-


It's an online community providing useful communication tools.

It's a project that runs really close to the heart of what network 23
was created to try to do. A fully interactive communication channel.
Communication should be able to create a response in the person
it - and when that happens, it's great if they can come right back with
their own message. So this is exactly what Message and discussion boards
But this project takes the concept into something that is presented in a
of a nicer way. They've organised a Festival using this system and it
seems to work pretty well! The way it's written makes it really
to others as well.

The main project is <http://www.distributonomy.org> It's a completely
volunteer run and maintained and provides mailing lists, webspace, and
interactive forums for those interested and involved with alternative
culture. The most exciting part of distributonomy.org, in my opinion are

the wikis, which are collections perl-driven cgi pages which can be
edited, so that ANYONE reading a page on a wiki can add to it or change
content or make new pages. (Now how's that for an autonomous website?)

There are two wikis:

The Festival Wiki--

The Mission Statement Wiki (which would be of more interest and
to n23 folks, as the festival wiki was rather specific to a particular
purpose of organization)


I really think wikis are a radical new way to autonomize the web. They
very new developments (started up only a couple years ago) but have been

mostly used in technology and coding related fields. I think it's time
learned how autonomous they can be.


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