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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> Seeing Cyberspace : public kapzul
integer on Mon, 16 Jul 2001 10:04:53 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> Seeing Cyberspace : public kapzul

>emerging dimensions of water?
>waternet, an outgrowth of d.r.i.p. (the dutch retrograde internet project)
>which proposes to offer unlimited bandwidth for transmitting all forms of
>data over global water networks-- all the end-user needs is a c.s.n.
>(client-side nozzle) and s/he can hook the pc directly up to the water
>faucet... http://www.dutchwater.com

t!p!kl xy m9nd nozl output +?   `end-user needs` - "puh" - determ!n!zt!k + z!mpl!.INFERIOR

dont u uant 2 pla! !n dze zun \ b!l!ard avec a!r molekulz  +?

du - bakter!a.macht.ganz.gluckl!ch+fre!

4 human objktz = !nz!zt upon be!ng ver! ultra modern 
- realtime dna exchange - http://ggttctttat.com/depleted.uranium.internet.genome.sequencing/
ou real t!me !nfekz!e++

`i like more platonian squares than aristotelian streets` 

mo! auss!. tuned 2 dze muz!k ov zferez.


>>From: brian carroll <human {AT} electronetwork.org>
>> Today the predominant infrastructure is not water but electricity in all of
>> phenomenal dimensions. It has become the new architectural order in the built
>> environment.



take 4 red kazulz. !n 1o take 1o mor. hou do u feel +?

        It's good to eat
        It's good to read

        It's good to write
        It's good to cook

        It's good to talk
        It's good to evaporate

1001 ventuze.nn

             \            \/       i should like to be a human plant
            \/       __
                                   i will shed leaves in the shade
        \_\                        because i like stepping on bugs

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