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[Nettime-bold] ICA event on 26th
richard barbrook on Wed, 18 Jul 2001 14:47:55 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-bold] ICA event on 26th

Thursday July 26th


How to be an Obstacle: Ending Neoliberalism and the Anti-Globalisation

... globalization, the project that soon discovers that poor people, people
in opposition - which is to say the majority of the population - are
obstacles. Subcommandante Insurgente Marcos
The anti-globalisation movement now stretches around the globe.  Chiapas,
Seattle, Prague, Manila, Quebec... But what is the nature of the movement?
Some wonder if it is too diffuse and all-inclusive.  How can it embrace
globalising communications, like the Internet, but reject globalisation?
What is opposed in neoliberal globalisation - and what might replace it?
What are the problems posed by conducting direct action against an
abstraction like globalisation, rather than on specific sites such as a road
or GM crop?  Is the spectacular demonstration replacing nonviolent direct
action as the main weapon of struggle?

On the panel are Jim Carey from
Squall, an alternative media organisation which originated in the squatters
movement; Jai Redman, an artist and Earth First! Activist, who has been
taking radical direct action on numerous social justice and environmental
issues for 10 years, from protests against the WTO and IMF in Prague to
anti-GM protests in the UK; and Adam Lent, an activist with Charter 99 and
author of the forthcoming British Social Movements since 1945: sex, colour,
peace and power.  In the chair is Tim Jordan, co-editor of Social Movement
Studies (due to launch in 2002) who works at the Open University.
Tickets and Information: 0207 930 3647

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