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Life in Africa on Tue, 18 Sep 2001 15:18:09 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-bold] Africa Speaks to nettime

Name:        John  Mukasa
Tribe:       Muganda
Nationality: Ugandan
Country:     Uganda
Age:         26-35
Occupation:  gardener

Dear Readers,

The hitting America by terrorists shocked the whole world.
This is really bad and we in Uganda here condemn it.

My condolence goes to the families of the deceased and to
all the Americans in the whole world for that tragedy.
Tuesday (11th-9-01) is the day every body should not forget
in his or her life. Imagine people who went for work to
execute state duties never to come back and never to be seen
again. It is horrible,let us hope the people who committed
these atrocities will be brought to justice.

I know that the high percentage of the Americans wants to
revenge in terms of war.But this in my views should not be
the conclusion because only one or two individuals can not
make millions of people to suffer. The Americans should also
think about the orphans, widows, and refugees which will
come about as a result war against the 10 hint list

We in Uganda have been in wars up to now, but nothing good
has come out of it. So I don't encourage the Americans to
fight, let them look for evidence first and then they will
act where necessary.

We know the American economy has already got a setback, so
using this military actions more money is going to be spent
and since America is the highest donor internationally, it
will spent more money on war torn countries. America is also
like a father in a family. So we developing countries our
projects which have been funded by USA government are going
to be paralyzed and everything will be in disarray when
America is in war.

Let America not destroy the popularity of the Americans .

Finally, I suggest the American government should beef up
security in all transport systems,  entertainment centers
and  all congested areas in order to fight terrorism.

Mukasa John
mukasa_john {AT} lifeinafrica.com

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