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[Nettime-bold] web per.form.u][e][lation session begin::
][terr.or.vision][ on Mon, 1 Oct 2001 08:56:07 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-bold] web per.form.u][e][lation session begin::


  ][as part of ::electrofringe::][

  ][INFO][: want 2 b.come a collaborative node
  in a net.wurk.][whor][er n.vironment? mez
  breeze dis.plays & n.vokes her _mezangelled_
  language/online text constructions live.
  ][METHOD][: n.gage in a International Relay
  Chat/mezangelled multilogue via an live IRC
  s][et-up][creenic connection. 

  ][4 AN X.TENDED MEANING CURVE][: _mezangelle_: evolved/s
  from multifarious email exchanges, directed
  MOO/IRC exchanges and performances,
  computer code flavoured language and net
  iconographs. To _mezangelle_ means to take
  words/wordstrings/sentences and alter them in
  such a way as to extend and enhance meaning
  beyond the predicted or the expected. It's
  similar to making "plain" text hypertextual via
  the arrangement and dissection of words.
  Mezangelling attempts to expand traditional
  text parameters through layered/alternative
  meanings embedded into meta-phonetic
  renderings of language. Notions of language
  play and identity swapping are essential; fiction
  avatars shift through various incarnations such
  as data[h!bleeder, ms post modemism,
  mezflesque.exe, Purrsonal Areah Netwurker,

  Participants: Mez (Mary-Anne Breeze) 

  Date/Time: Mon 6:00 PM [aka 1 hr from now] 
  Duration: 2:0 
  Geo-Location: PAN Building Downstairs 

2 join the electrofringe net.construc][k][tion performance/chat, open up
IRC  {AT}  6pm Monday 1st Oct & connect 2:


                                  server: mpx.sydney.oz.org

                            ports: 6667, 6668, 6669, 7000

                        channel name: #net.construc][k][t

**1 hr - ::begin::**

.           .    ....         .....
.... .               .???  .......

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