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Re: [Nettime-bold] Re: RHIZOME_RAW: Multiples Show in S.F.
porculus on Fri, 30 Nov 2001 19:22:01 +0100 (CET)

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Re: [Nettime-bold] Re: RHIZOME_RAW: Multiples Show in S.F.

Re: RHIZOME_RAW: Multiples Show in S.F.
> Multiple Personalities attempts to trace the trajectory of a particular art form,
the multiple. Daines' piece fits in the exhibition quite well because it comes after
Fluxus, Maciunas and Warhol and could not come before.

arent you feed up with homophony & lazy makeshift replacement routine & ozers tacky
temporal paradox even no more good enuf for next multiple hollywodian time machine
moviez haa btw about hollywoodian & multiple, hear this dazzling mae wests one
'tonight i will be a million in his bed but one at a time' and definitively you would
tatoue on your forehead what could change you in a pretty big ben "dont care to be of
your time, it's the only thing you couldnt avoid' it works even when momified, beside
it's what this hombre ramses want to say if he could, then millions gave it up this
fucking bandaged stand up ko

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