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[Nettime-bold] fairy tales
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[Nettime-bold] fairy tales

Title: Dear worldteachers,

Dear world teachers,

My name is Youla Giannikou and I am a teacher in a primary school in Patras, a small city on the west coast of Greece. This year I teach six-year-olds. Iíve got 19 students, 9 boys and 10 girls. My students and I are very interested in reading fairy tales. We would love to read original fairy tales from all over the world. Could you send us a traditional fairy tale from your country?

We would also like to find students of the same age from other countries to exchange cards, drawings and small pieces of writing. Please, write back in English since I can translate what you send me from English to Greek and vice versa. The schoolís e-mail is: mail {AT} 22dim-patras.ach.sch.gr

Thank you in advance.



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