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[Nettime-bold] JONIT VENTURE
chris christian on Tue, 15 Jan 2002 05:33:02 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-bold] JONIT VENTURE

>From The Desk of Chief Accountant CHRISTIAN CHUKWU
E-mail: christian_130 {AT} yahoo.com    



It is with trust and confidence that I write toreveal
this urgent business proposal to you.
I was assigned by two of my colleagues to seek for a
foreign partner, who will assist us in providing
aconvenient A/C in a designated bank overseas for the
transfer of USD30,000,000:00 (Thirty Million United
States Dollars Only), pending on ourarrival in your
country for utilization and disbursement of the fund
withowner of the A/C. I was directed by a friend DR.
K.H KIM Former ForeignAffairs Minister to write you,
in fact I got your name and company's address from
him, he assured me of your immediate co-operation.
I am the chief Accountant of the Nigerian National
Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) on the 23rd of January
1999 my Corporation, awarded a contract of
USD150,000,000:00 (One Hundred and Fifty MillionUnited
State Dollars Only) on the actual Contract sum worth
US$120,000,000:00 only We only inflated the sum worth
with the intention of sharing the remaining balance of
US$30m (Thirty Million United State Dollars) among
ourselves. Now the actual contract has been
successfullyexecutedand the actual contractors have
been paid their US$120,000,000:00 only in full leaving
balance of US$30,000,000:00. Unknown to the
governmentof Nigeria, which we now want to transfer
out of the country through aforeign partner in our
favor to make it as if payment for the contract has
been completed. Since we as government officials are
not permitted by
law to operate foreign bank Accounts and secondly we
cannot collect the money from the company's bank
Account because the Contract was undertaken by a
foreign firm and were paid through remittance totheir
foreign Account. My colleagues and I have therefore
agreed that if you /your company can act asthe
beneficiary of this fund (US$30,000,000:00) we will
transfer the money to your account and you will retain
30% of the total fund, for the assistance rendered,
while we set 10% aside for off setting of all the
expenses that may be incurred in advance by both
parties during the fund transferprocess. We are
requesting you to co-operate with us and provide a
convenient account number in a designated bank where
the fund can be
safely transferred into, since this is our only chance
of claiming the fund. Please note that we have been
careful and have worked out all the modalities for a
smooth transfer of the
fund to your chosen or designated account before
contacting you. We would therefore not want youto
expose this proposal to anybody for the purpose of
security andit's confidential nature. We also believe
that you would not sit on ourmoney when it is
eventually transferred into your account as
youreceive> your 30% share. Furthermore, be rest
assure that this transaction
is100% risk free and the nature of your business has
nothing to do with it. If the proposal is
acceptable to you please indicate your interest by
contacting us through the above stated e-mail address
send us your account number in a designated bank,
address of the bank, your full name, fax and telephone
number. On confirmation of your acceptance more
details about this transaction will be given to



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