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[Nettime-bold] Re: J Prlic and ICTY
Ivo Skoric on Thu, 17 Jan 2002 19:19:02 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-bold] Re: J Prlic and ICTY

Yes, Mike, perhaps did not know this part of Prlic's resume - but it 
indeed makes perfect sense. 

Former Yugoslavia in 1980s gave birth to this specific kind of 
commie-yuppies. They came in all ethnic variations and their only 
common factor was their insatiable ambition for power. 

They function well in all ideologies, since they do not pledge 
allegiance to any particular set of values, as long as it keeps them 
floating on the top. Once they were ardent communists - often the 
first to be promoted and the youngest in their class. The most 
promising ones, they were also the first to jump the boat, 
becoming convincingly eloquent representatives of the awakening 
'national beings' within the ethnic variety of former Yugoslavia. And 
now, often, they are the champions of Western democratic values, 
the darlings of Soros and similar foundations and the first choices 
for high ranking positions in service of international overlords like 
Petritsch is. 

There is a street term for this class of men, involving a certain color 
and the part of our face that we use to breath and smell things.


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At 20:59 15.01.2002 -0500, Mike wrote:
>Prlic is the perfect example of the hypocrisy of Petritsch's Bosnia:  the
>prime minister of Herceg-Bosna, corrupt to his core. A perfect choice to be a
>Petritsch moderate.

         Yes, of course.But Mike forgets that before he become the
"democrat" and was responsible for opening the horrible detention camps for
Moslems in Dretelj, Rodoc and other places, Prlic was a model communist, in
fact the "youngest member of the communist government of
Bosnia-Herzegovina". Just like his boss Tudjman who was the model
communist, or rather the communist hardliner and lived in Belgrade among
Serbs, witnessing (and participating in) the mass murder of Croats,
including his own friend Hebrang, and then suddenly turned "democrat" and
"Croat nationalist" when it suited him. Both Prlic and Tudjman and so many
other "patriots" like them plundered millions from the impoverished
citizens. Tudjman died, but his family still owns billions he embezzled
during past ten years. Prlic is a small fish.

Ivo Skoric
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