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[Nettime-bold] Nigerian Ponzi Schemes...
Paul D. Miller on Sun, 10 Mar 2002 18:05:01 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-bold] Nigerian Ponzi Schemes...

This e-mail is absolutely hilarious. Basically people have set up a 
virtual Nigerian "Prince" in need of U.S. currency... it's all 
absolutely fake... read on... hilarious...

>Status:  U
>Date: Sun, 10 Mar 2002 08:43:46 -0800
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>From: "prince okechukwu" <okechukwuprince {AT} soldiermail.com>
>To: anansi1 {AT} earthlink.net
>Subject: ASSIST ME
>You might have received my proposal which I sent to
>you by post. I have been out of town since two months,
>as I came back I decided to email this proposal to you
>in case you did not receive the one I sent by post.
>If you are interested, do email me through my email
>address. Although this letter
>may come to you as a surprise, please accept it as an
>introduction of myself and a request for your urgent
>attention.  I am sending this letter to you based on
>information gathered from the foreign trade office of
>the Nigerian chamber of commerce and industry during
>my search for a reputable, honest person with whom I
>will execute this deal.
>I am an Accountant and member of the "TENDER'S
>COMMITTEE" of my Corporation, the Nigerian  National
>Petroleum Corporation (N.N.P.C) in charge of contract awards,   After due
>consultation with other members of
>the committee, I have specifically been mandated to
>arrange with you for a possible transfer of some funds
>being an over estimated sum resulting from various
>contracts executed by Saipem Namprogetti and other
>foreign firms for my Corporation.  The contracts  in
>question were for the following:-
>(i)The construction of OSO condensate recovery plant
>worth $1.2 Billion.
>(ii)Construction of several pipeline network for
>crude, gas and petroleum products evacuation, for $1.0
>(iii) $80M for Turn Around Maintenance (T.A.M) of
>Port-Harcourt and Warri Refineries.
>The original value of these contracts  were purposely
>over-inflated by us (Tender Committee) with the sum of
>$30,000,000 (Thirty Million U.S. Dollars only), now
>that all the firms have received their supposed
>payments accordingly and the projects commissioned, we
>want to transfer this over invoiced sum to a trusted
>foreigner's account.  We have agreed that if your
>company can act as the beneficiary, you will retain
>30% of the total amount, 60% for us while 10% will be
>set aside for any expense which will be incurred  <internal and 
>external) during
>the process of
>transfer, since we as civil servants are prohibited by
>the code of conduct bureau (civil service laws) from
>operating foreign accounts.
>Honestly we expect that some money are going to be
>spent along the line of getting
>the deal fruitfully  executed.  We expect to lobby
>some  top officials for them to approve the payment.
>All modalities have been worked out with the top
>officials of Federal Ministry of Finance and the
>Central Bank of Nigeria to facilitate the remittance
>of this sum of money into your account within 14
>working days of receiving the following  information
>rom you:
>(1).The name of the Bank, Account Number, Address and
>  >  Telex Number of the Bank.
>(2).Your personal Phone, Fax and Telex Numbers for easy communication.
>We shall arrange a meeting immediately with the
>officials involved for a face to face talk and
>hitch-free transfer of these sum of money into your
>Note that we have put in many years of meticulous
>services to the Government, therefore, we would not
>want our reputable image dented. Therefore, handle
>this arrangement with maturity, topmost secrecy and
>Thank you, as I look forward to your immediate reply.
>Yours faithfully,
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