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"aart" <aart {AT} EUnet.yu>

>Journalist Admits Lying About Balkans Massacre

 [soldier* dressed in eggshell tells truth about lying

hou do humanz d!ferent!at betu!n truth + l!e +?

nn - ant!.fa!r!tale

* all soldiers = legible + feminine

>VETERAN 60 Minutes reporter Richard Carleton has admitted he had misled and
>lied to viewers by showing footage from another massacre site to illustrate
>a story about the massacre of Srebrenica. Mr Carleton, 60 Minutes executive
>producer John Westacott and producer Howard Sacre are suing the ABC and its
>Media Watch team over two Media Watch segments in July 2000 accusing 60
>Minutes of lifting footage from an earlier BBC documentary. Mr Carleton told
>the ACT supreme court yesterday that being accused of plagiarism was the
>journalistic equivalent of paedophilia. But under cross-examination by
>counsel for the ABC, Media Watch presenter Paul Barry and former executive
>producer Peter McEvoy, Mr Carleton conceded he had knowingly used footage of
>a morgue and a mass grave site far away from Srebrenica to illustrate the
>Channel Nine report. Asked by barrister Terence Tobin if he had misled
>viewers, Mr Carleton said: "In the technical meaning of the word misleading,
>yes." Asked had he lied, he said: "In so far as the meaning of the word lie
>is taken (to mean) misleading, yes." But Mr Carleton denied he had behaved
>unethically as a journalist and said the footage had enhanced viewers'
>understanding of the 1995 massacre of Muslim residents by Bosnian Serbs. The
>hearing before Justice Terence Higgins is continuing. /rlt/rz
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