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[Nettime-bold] AoIR List - Trojan Horse time.
Lachlan Brown on Thu, 21 Mar 2002 16:18:01 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-bold] AoIR List - Trojan Horse time.

I think what I'll do is attempt to get back 
in - if only to stop this scurry to share 
out my intellectual properties. I will stress
that I was applying a research methodology to the membership and that this was I recognise
a novel and highly productive approach, but
has raised far more questions than I have answers for, hence need their help to 

I'll promise not to Troll or be a Troll.
I will denouce Witchcraft, I will reject
heresy, I will begin to see things their way,
and I will hereafter have no further
delusions. My God American ideology, its
Stalinism with the vote.

I mean plagiarism is one thing, but much 
worse is seeing people take partial insight
 and applying it to the wrong contexts. I 
mean, its terrible to read people incorporating ones work and then arriving 
at totally wrong conclusions. If they
had the source material and the references 
I draw on... but I keep those in memory.

I'll write to the moderators. What I particularly liked was one day before
they set my up with 'Susan' (any guesses
who Susan really is? I know.) I was in email conversation
with Jones who stressed that AIR-L 'had no moderation'.

I'll re-enter the debate, one way or another.

BTW, you should see how Goldsmiths College is reacting to all of this. 

I just don't think in the right way do I? 



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