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Urban Drift on Mon, 1 Jul 2002 18:46:01 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-bold] urban drift poster call reply: poster {AT} urbandrift.org


Join the drift ­ position yourself

To urbanists, artists, architects, designers...

For Urban Drift 2002 we would like to draw together diverse and
international statements in the form of posters to be shown in the urban
drift nicht space and in the open workspaces around Berlin between the 9th
and 13th October 2002, and to be included in an urban drift publication.

Urban Drift offers a broad scope for statements, slogans, images,
impressions ­ and we hope that the response will be extremely varied. Our
intention is to make use of a relatively cheap and direct medium to gain an
overview of attitudes to urban realities ­ here and now.

Themes can be gleaned from the website http://www.urbandrift.org and are
briefly outlined here:

on the state of our cities, on new urban strategies for peripheral, residual
and overlooked public spaces /  on the city as a medium / reflecting the
paradigm shift in architecture and urban design in the age of global
mobility / the repoliticisation of architectural practice / the backlash to
the global technology hype, and the global mobility debate / real versus
virtual space and architectures / specific, local versus global urban
contexts /  tactical mobility and urban interventions / displacement and
urban nomadism / connective urbanism / reforging urban identities / the
inexhaustible inventory of the streets...

The posters will be seen throughout Berlin, and will be exhibited from the
9th to the 13th October 2002 in the urban drift nightspace in Café Moskau on
the Karl Marx Allee.

A special selection of submitted posters will be published prior to the
urban drift event by way of our media partners.

Posters should be sent to us in their final, printed form ­ at least 2-3
copies (and more are welcome)­ one to be shown in the night space, one for
documentation and publishing purposes. The urban drift logo should be
integrated in the design.

26th August 2002

Urban Drift c/o
flora&fauna media GBR
Heike Blümner / Lizzy Fichtl
Wollinerstr 18/19
10435 Berlin

Please confirm your participation via e mail to
Poster {AT} urbandrift.org

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