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[Nettime-bold] Free Multi-Media Annuity "Selling System" CD
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[Nettime-bold] Free Multi-Media Annuity "Selling System" CD

Title: Free Multi-Media Annuity "Selling System" CD
We wrote the CD on Annuity Selling!
Get Your FREE Multi-Media
Annuity "Selling System" CD

NEW "Double Diversification"
for asset allocation on fixed annuities
 CD Highlights:

 • New Asset Allocation Module
 • Mini Seminars
 • Client Presentations

 • Point of Sale Videos
 • Phone Scripts and Tips
 • Prospecting Letters...and More!

Want 120-250 leads per month?
Co-op dollars available for qualified producers!
We have the turn-key package on seminar selling
Affluent Senior Lead Program
FREEMulti-Media Annuity Selling System CD
FREEStep-By-Step Seminar Presentation
Exclusive Prospect/Client Marketing and Re- Marketing System
Invest in your business with a guaranteed return on your investment!
 *Must be contracted through PPMG with our top Annuity companies.

PLUS a Very Special Offer From PPMG:
Join America's top annuity producers on the Mexican Riviera
Trip includes Deluxe Outside Cabin for Producer and Guest and Airfare from the nearest home city gateway!**
** As determined by PPMG Travel Coordinator.
Ports of Call:
Ports of Call: San Diego - Loreto - Pichilingue (LaPaz) - Cabo San Lucas
800-330-1997 ext. 292
— or —
Please fill out the form below for more information
City: State:

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