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Consult-incom on Wed, 3 Jul 2002 09:02:02 +0200 (CEST)

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Consult-Income Ltd.,

20/1, Petrovka Street, 3 entrance, 12 office,

Moscow, Russia, 127051

Tel.: +7-(095)-200-04-38, Tel./Fax: +7-(095)-200-46-26


Dear Sirs,


Offer about Cooperation

Russian juridical company has an honor to offer you services, representing your interests and interests of your clients in Moscow and in whole Russia, viz.:

q       Registration of companies in Russia, also representations and companies branches, registered in your country

q       Purchase-Sell of ready companies, opening accounts in banks

q       Juridical accompaniment of transactions

q       Assistance for receipt of licenses and permissions

q       Assistance for customs formalities

q       Search of business associates, marketing researches

q       Support of visas receipt

q       Juridical accompaniment and accounting of companies and representations and so on.


From our side, we would like to receive an offer with a list of your services. At this stage, we are interested in cost of company registration and possibility of ready companies sell.


Yours faithfully,

Consult-Income Ltd.,

Lotkov Roman


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